Explain how to link Godaddy’s domain name to Blogger

Many bloggers and website owners face problems when linking Godaddy’s domain to Blogger. Therefore, I decided to write this article to help you connect the domain to your site, God willing.

I advise you to watch an explanation ←← How to buy a domain from Godaddy

Before starting the explanation, You must reserve the domain in order to follow this method with me, step by step

And let’s go into explaining how to link Godaddy’s domain to Blogger in an easy way, God willing.

Connect Domain Godaddy to Blogger

I just ask you to focus on every word; So as not to make any mistakes.
  • Log in to your blogger blog. Then type in the new domain you reserved and want to link.
  • Log in to your Godaddy account control panel from here
You will find the two lines as in the following two pictures, Click on Edit on the right. Then press Delete.
  • Move the two lines in the first picture, And paste them in Godaddy as shown in the pictures, And save.
Noticeable: Don’t put the same codes in the pictures for mine, But write the codes for your blog.
  • Log in to blogger again. and press the check mark, Then press Save.
Noticeable: If the saving process is not completed, wait 10 minutes for the linking process to complete successfully. And click Save again.
If you are having trouble explaining the method with pictures, Watch the explanation of linking Godaddy’s domain to the Blogger video blog provided by the Engineer Academy.