Best Free Online Websites for Video Cutting 2023

Many people think that cutting and cutting video is difficult and requires downloading specialized programs on the device. Which may take up space in it and take time to master, Also, some of them may not be free. And because on a daily basis we need to cut out certain parts or cut off unwanted scenes in videos before showing them or sharing them on social media, There are many free tools and sites through which you can cut videos online without having to install any applications on your device.

You can accomplish your tasks related to video cutting through these leading sites for editing and editing videos online, And that through simple steps and in record time.

In addition, many of them provide additional features and options for editing or modifying the video, including adding filters, text, and audio clips.

6 Best Online Video Cutter Editors Sites

  • Clideo: Free Online Video Cutter

Clideo: Free Online Video Cutter

clideo is one of the most popular and most popular free video cutting sites online. It is characterized by a high level of safety and speed, It also supports most video formats. It also allows converting the video to any other format, In addition, it is easy to use and very simple to handle. You can remove the unwanted part of the video by following these simple steps:

  1. Click on the choose file button to download the video file or directly drag and drop it from the device, You can also download a video stored in Google Drive. or Dropbox, Or copy the video URL in the box provided, with a maximum limit of 500MB for the video.
  2. A new window opens after downloading the video and two indicators appear to specify the beginning and end of the clip you want to cut from the video. Then choose extract selected or delete selected.
  3. You can preview the clip before cutting, and then select the desired video format, Finally, by pressing cut.
  4. Once the video is processed, you can download it to your computer. Or save it to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Online Video Cutter for Video Editing

It is another free site that allows you to upload videos of up to 500MB in size and cut directly through the browser.

It also supports many video formats, It is so fast and secure that your video is automatically deleted a few hours after it has been processed and only you have access to it.

In addition, it offers other capabilities such as video framing in multiple styles, or change the frame ratio, You can also rotate the video by 90, 180 or 270 degrees. You may need such a feature when shooting a portrait scene in landscape mode, or vice versa.

You can also extract the video in the original quality or choose a better quality, To take advantage of all the above features, just follow these steps:

  1. After entering the site, upload the video file by clicking on the choose file icon, Where you can download or drag and drop it directly from your computer, google drive, or Dropbox, Or copy the video’s URL in the space provided.
  2. A window appears containing the tools that you will use in processing the video, such as indicators for determining the beginning and end of the part you want to cut, as well as tools for selecting the appropriate frame, rotate video, In addition to quality control.
  3. Preview the clip and then click on the Save option. Until it is processed and can be downloaded to the computer or saved to Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Online Video Trimmer by Kapwing

Online Video Trimmer by Kapwing

It is a free tool provided by kapwring site for the purpose of cutting the video and making adjustments to it easily without the need for experience, It is not limited to cutting, because the tool also provides a set of great capabilities and options through which you can convert your video with a few simple clicks into a professional and more attractive clip only through the Internet without the need to install any other applications.

  1. Click on the upload option to allow the video file to be uploaded from the computer or the URL of the video can be copied.
  2. A window opens containing the tools for trimming the video. Including marks specifying the beginning and end of the section to be extracted, And other options that allow you to go back from the beginning of the clip, or rewind the video 5 seconds back, or bring it 5 seconds forward, You can also, through the add cut option, cut off an unwanted part within the previously selected part, In addition, a preview can be performed before the cut is applied.
  3. After clicking on the done option, you will be directed to the studio window, which contains the export video option, and after clicking on it, the video clip will be extracted. Waiting for a few seconds for it to be processed and then downloaded to the device. Or you can share it on social media directly.
  4. Before downloading the video and through the Edit option, you can return to the studio window to modify the cut as well as perform other formats on the video through a wide range of various tools for editing and formatting the video such as adding texts, images, audio clips, filters, and stickers.
  • FlexClip: Free Online Video Editor Tool

FlexClip for Free Online Video Editing

It is a tool from FlexClip for cutting videos online. It is distinguished by its support for most video formats, in addition to its ease of use. Where cutting can be carried out in 3 steps, First select the video clip and upload it from the device, Then select the part to be cut using the beginning and end of the clip markers. At the same time, you can perform a preview, Then by clicking on the Trim option, Finally, Export to extract the video in your desired resolution.

But before extracting the video clip, you can make some modifications to it through the tools and add-ons provided by the site, Such as: Add text, stickers, filters, audio clips, change background color, And other great options through which you can get more professional results.


Another free video trimming tool where you don’t need to pay to use it or buy a license, or pay for additional features, And also without adding watermarks, It is as easy to use as the previous tools, It maintains user data as all media uploaded to the site is automatically deleted after 24 hours. video cutter supports many popular video formats, In addition, the video can be extracted with the same original resolution or the video quality can be improved.

It also provides many other capabilities such as: Rotate the video clockwise or counterclockwise by an angle of 80 or 90 degrees, The video can also be flipped or flipped horizontally or vertically. In addition to framing the video to remove black edges, Or change the aspect ratio to suit different devices.

In addition to many video editing tools to make the clip more attractive.

VIDEO2 EDIT - Video Cutter

The process of cutting the video through the VIDEO2 EDIT tool requires only a few minutes, without a doubt, without downloading any program, and it is done online via the site.

After uploading the video in the same way you used with the tools we mentioned earlier, You enter the start time and end time of the clip to be cut, In addition to setting the video format, Since it supports many video formats, And then press the Start button to start processing the video in a short time, Then you can re-upload it to the device or a Google Drive or Dropbox file.

These were the best free online video cutting sites without downloading or installing any software on your device.