Top 8 Deleted File Recovery Software for Android

What if you find out that you cannot find important files in your mobile phone, which may have been lost either due to accidental deletion, Or break the screen of the device or fall into the water, or being subjected to a virus attack, as well as as a result of system failure or reformatting, and other reasons, But fortunately, there are many programs specialized in recovering lost files of all kinds quickly and efficiently, Where the recovery process is done through simple steps, The following list represents the best deleted file recovery software for Android.

Steps to recover deleted files for Android

  • Ensure that the mobile phone or tablet is connected to a computer with the lost file recovery software installed.
  • Determine the type of missing file followed by a closer scan.
  • After the scan results appear, you can choose the required files and then restore the data.

The most powerful deleted file recovery software for Android 2021

1. Tenorshare UltData Lost File Recovery

one of the best Deleted data recovery software for Android Because it works very efficiently in retrieving data such as photos, videos, documents and SMS, in addition to contacts, call logs and other files stored in the phone’s internal memory, as well as the external SD memory, and it is also possible to restore WhatsApp data even if you do not have a backup copy of it such as conversations stickers and Android audio recordings .

It also supports many Android phones and tablets including Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, And Huawei phones .

In terms of security, the program is risk-free and provides high privacy. Where there is no chance of information leakage or data loss, In addition, it allows checking and previewing files in detail before recovering them.

Download it from here

2. Wondershare Dr.Fone Recover Deleted Files

Through this program, you can recover a wide range of deleted files such as photos, videos, music and text messages, As well as WhatsApp messages , contacts and call logs, And other data lost in the internal memory and external memory of the phone, As a result of accidental deletion, system hangs, or when a black screen appears, It also can extract files from broken devices.

And also in cases where the system cannot be accessed due to forgetting the password. The program also provides the feature to scan and preview files before recovering them. And the ability to export and save the required files to the computer, In addition, the program supports more than 6000 Android tablets and mobile phones, including Samsung, Huawei, Sony, LG, HTC, ZTE, Motorola and others.

Download it from here

3. EaseUS MobiSaver Recover Deleted Files

It is another program that allows you to recover your lost files on the mobile phone such as SMS, contacts and call logs, As well as photos, music and videos, Documents, notes and other files deleted on the internal memory or external memory of the phone , whether they were manually deleted, or as a result of a system shutdown, or subjected to a virus attack. In addition, the program has an easy-to-use interface, It supports a wide range of Android phones and tablets.

It also provides the ability to export lost files to PC in multiple formats, As well as using the filtering feature and previewing the data before retrieval,
In addition to sending you notifications about recovery results to track any changes to your data in a timely manner to keep it private.

Download it from here

4. FonePaw Recover Deleted Files

This software offers a quick solution to recover and extract deleted files from broken devices such as documents, SMS, call logs, WhatsApp chats and audiOS, as well as photos, videos, and audio, And other files, whether they are stored on the internal memory or external memory, In addition to the SIM card data, where you can retrieve and transfer deleted contacts and their data such as addresses and numbers.

The program also provides the feature of accurate scanning and previewing files before recovering them. As well as creating backup copies of them on your computer to restore them selectively or completely, As for safety; The program maintains the privacy of your data and protects it from loss, In addition, it supports most Android mobile and tablet devices.

Download it from here

5. AirMore Deleted File Recovery

Whatever the reason for losing your important files on your mobile phone or tablet, This program ensures that you retrieve them in a safe and fast manner, Whether it is text data such as SMS or documents in various formats, or multimedia such as photos, audio and video clips, In addition to contacts and call logs, So that all the internal phone memory and SD card data can be recovered even after formatting it.

The program also supports most devices that support the Android system, In addition, it has an easy-to-use interface. It provides deep scan feature and preview before retrieval.
It also distinguishes existing files from deleted files with different colors, It also ensures the privacy of your files because it reads the data without keeping it so that only you can access it.

Download it from here

6. PhoneRescue to recover deleted files

This program has the advantage that it recovers deleted files directly on the phone just as if they were never deleted, As well as extracting files that you do not know where you have stored on the device because the program explores and returns hidden and lost files in all their formats such as images and videos, Documents, SMS messages, WhatsApp attachments, conversations and audio recordings , as well as contacts and call logs.

The program can also have full access to your phone with one click, And safely remove the lock in case of forgetting a password or when the fingerprint cannot be recognized by the system, In addition, it supports many Android devices, Such as: Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi, and LG and others, A version is also available that supports iOS devices.

Download it from here

7. MiniTool Deleted Data Recovery

This program is designed to recover lost files for Android professionally and efficiently. Either from the internal phone memory or the external SD card, It includes text files such as SMS, chats, and documents. contacts, their data and call logs, as well as multimedia such as photos and videos, music and audio recordings, In addition to WhatsApp attachments and other applications. The program also supports several types of Android devices including Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Sony, Motorola, As well as the Windows operating system in several versions, including: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, XP, Vista.

In addition, the program is characterized by an easy-to-use and convenient interface, It also has a high level of security to keep user data private.

Download it from here

8. Jihosoft Android Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Data

It is another program that makes it easy for you to recover deleted files in Android devices as quickly as possible. Whether they are stored in the phone’s internal memory or external SD memory, such as photos, videos and music, In addition to call logs and SMS messages , documents and chats in WhatsApp, Viber and other applications, As well as the data of the SIM card, including contacts and their data such as numbers, addresses and e-mail.

The program is also compatible with most phones and tablets that support Android versions from 2.1 to 9.0, As well as computers running Windows and Macintosh, In addition, the program provides an easy-to-use interface, And the ability to carefully scan and preview files before recovering them.

Download it from here