Top 10 Free Online Car Games for Kids

Car racing games are among the best and most popular types of games for children because they are interesting and fun and suitable for children and adults. And since car racing games for adults are known as Asphalt, Need for Speed and F1 Mobile Racing, In this article, I will present to you free car games for children, some of which are available for download on the computer, and some are available for download on Android smart devices.

10 racing car games for kids that can be played online

1. Angry Birds Go

Angry Birds Go: ألعاب سيارات مجانية للأطفال

Angry Birds Go is a car racing game for kids that is available to download on Android and iPhone for free online; Choose any bird among the angry birds that the game offers, be it Red, Chuck, Terence, King Pig and Mustache Pig, in a 3D world and high-resolution graphics that include various elements that help increase your speed, get ahead of other players and win matches.

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This amazing game includes many different game modes where your child can participate in time-limited tournaments and climb to the top of the leaderboard or participate in daily races and discover hidden gifts and there is also another mode known as the local mode which is a real-time multiplayer race.

2. Mario Kart Tour 2019

Mario Kart Tour: ألعاب سيارات مجانية للأطفال

Mario Kart Tour is one of the most important and popular car racing games for kids. Which was launched for the first time in 2019 for Android and iOS, It is an online multiplayer online car racing game with up to 8 other players. We will drive different cars with characters from Nintendo video games such as Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Daisy, Me or Beach;

The game mode is portrait so it will be very easy to use on smartphones, The most important thing that distinguishes this game from others and makes it interesting and enjoyable is that it supports the online mode of playing online against your friends or against players from all over the world.

This game is free but includes optional in-app purchases. To start playing it on your smartphone, you will first need to create a Nintendo account .It also requires a router with a fairly strong and continuous internet connection .

3. Kids Car Racers game

ألعاب سيارات أونلاين مجانية للأطفال: Kids Car Racers


Kids Car Racers is a free car racing game for kids on Android that comes with tons of cool details that kids will love every time as it is easy to use and very kid friendly (intuitive controls are designed for kids) and has more than 18 realistic cars to choose from what suits you.

It also includes 5 realistic 3D maps, In addition, this game is completely free and does not contain any in-app purchases however you will not encounter any annoying ads while playing.

4. Fun Kids Cars game for children up to 10 years

ألعاب سيارات أونلاين مجانية للأطفال Fun Kids Cars

Fun Kids Cars Simple and fun car game for kids up to 10 years old while driving your crazy stunt car Collect coins to unlock new stages, levels, cars and backgrounds Play with dog cart and with different animated animal cars for kids with variable engine power, different tires and speed.

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This game is very easy to use and offers the best intuitive one-finger controls as it is designed for young children so that they can play on their own without any problem, Moreover, this amazing game has 16 cars to choose from, different modes, and high-resolution graphics; Knowing that this game is available for download on Android devices for free.

5. Late City Riders

ألعاب سيارات أونلاين مجانية للأطفال Late City Riders

This is another good game for kids with graphics that are not as amazing as most of the ones you will find in this list but with a very interesting proposition that you will not have to compete with others but rather you will have to complete a road in a certain time set by the game with obstacles that may hinder your arrival within the specified time as the roads It has curves, cliffs, impossible jumps, and other cars traveling normally in front and behind you.

You can dodge them by shooting or speeding up with the items you get with the completion of each level, There are about 20 different levels that vary in difficulty between each level so you will not have time to get bored, Late City Riders only works on PC.

6. Super TuxKart

لعبة سيارات Super TuxKart

Super TuxKart car racing game is one of the most popular car racing challenge games for children. It is an open source game that works on PC and Android. It comes with 3D graphics and a variety of characters, paths and game modes as it comes with four game modes:

  • Story Mode
  • Single player mode
  • Split screen multiplayer mode
  • Online mode

The game offers four difficulty levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, and SuperTux. Moreover, this game is not a typical racing game but a game in which all kinds of cheats and cheats are valid including the use of weapons to defeat your opponent.

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7. Trigger Rally

لعبة Trigger Rally

Trigger Rally is a single off-road (uneven) rally racing game where your task is to reach all the given place in time to complete the race and skip the level.

The game contains more than 200 maps with different types of terrain including sand, asphalt, ice or mountains in addition to different weather conditions, light and fog,

But don’t worry because there is a co-pilot who will give you directions while driving to make it a more realistic experience; This game is completely free and works on PC.

8. Vecter . Game

Vecter ألعاب سيارات أونلاين مجانية للأطفال

Vecter is an endless car racing game for kids. You have to quickly overcome the obstacles that appear in front of you to win the fight in the end, One of the most surprising aspects is that the developer has confirmed that it is completely free.

9. Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing ألعاب سيارات أونلاين مجانية للأطفال

Beach Buggy Racing is a racing game for Android that takes place in buggies on the beach very similar to Mario Kart and has 15 routes to choose from.

Plus a variety of cartoon characters (new characters are unlocked as you level up).

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During the race, you will find in front of you many items and power-ups that will help you along the way. After completing the fight and beating the rest of the contestants, you will get rewards that include new vehicles, more monsters (such as a big truck or a missile) or other characters, each with a special ability.

10. Animal Cars Kids Racing Game (2-8 years old)

Animal Cars Kids Racing Game ألعاب سيارات أونلاين

Animal Cars Kids Racing Game is a car racing game for toddlers aged 2-8 years with 16 animal-shaped cars to choose from including cats, dogs, lions, birds, penguins and elephants, And other similar shapes to other animals.

The car contains different tracks of sound clips and music suitable for children, It is one of the features that attract children to choose it among other types of cars that may not provide this feature.

All in all, this free game offers HD graphics, 18 levels to play and many other things that you will get to know after downloading Animal Cars Kids Racing Game on your phone to start playing it online.

Here we conclude our article, in which we discussed 10 of the most exciting children’s games among the various car racing games that children can play online with each other from any country in the world.