Everything you need to know about the American iHerb store

iherb is one of the largest and oldest discount codes sites and American stores, which was launched in 1996 AD by the American company iherb specialized in selling natural nutritional supplements, which is characterized by its high quality, What distinguishes iherb is that it has thousands of products of nutritional supplements and cosmetics, among others, thanks to its dealings with thousands of companies that produce and package nutritional supplements and cosmetics manufactured from natural materials, In addition, all the products on the site are subject to quality standards conforming to international health specifications.

Why is iHerb considered the first in the world in the field of selling natural materials?

iherb is famous for selling natural nutritional supplements that have won the admiration of customers from all over the world. This is for several reasons, including:

  • The site contains natural nutritional supplements and cosmetics made from completely natural materials, It is characterized by high quality and reasonable price, The site does not accept the display of any industrial products among the products it offers at all.
  • The site provides technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, The technical support is also characterized by being fully qualified and has long experience in marketing and sales and solving all the problems facing users of the site.
  • iherb has more than 900 employees who are experts in the natural products field and every year more employees are hired too.
  • The company has more than 19 years of experience in the field of selling and preparing natural nutritional supplements, medical products and cosmetics.
  • iherb offers the service of shipping products upon purchase to more than 150 countries around the world and seeks to expand to reach more countries.
  • The site gives a discount of 5% on every product that you buy over $40 as a gift from the site.

Steps to register on iherb

  • Search in Google on the word iherb and choose the first result which is www.iherb.com , or type the site address in the navigation bar of your internet browser and visit the iherb website.
  • At the top of the screen on the right, you will find the sign in button, click on it and wait two or three seconds to be transferred to the login screen, Scroll down a bit and click create account.
  • In the email address field, type the email you wish to use on the site. And choose your country from the country/region option and from the language option, choose the language you want to use within the site, Here it is preferable to leave English the English language as it is, And then press the next button.
  • We write a strong password to be used to login to your account on the site, preferably containing a capital letter, lowercase letters and one of the symbols, And we check the three boxes that will appear in front of us, Then we skip the captcha code that will appear on the screen to prove to the site that we are not a robot, And then click on the create my account button.
  • Wait a bit and you will be taken to the main interface of iherb and you can start shopping directly from the site, Your account does not need to click on the activation link through the e-mail, In iherb, the account is activated immediately after the registration is completed.

Does iherb accept shipping products to Arab countries?

Yes, iHerb accepts shipping products to some Arab countries, but not all. It accepts shipping to the following Arab countries: Kingdom Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, In addition to the Arab Republic of Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Oman, Tunisia, and Yemen, While it fully supports shipping to all foreign countries.

What are the approved shipping methods on iHerb?

In the process of shipping products to customers, iherb depends on several international shipping companies, These global companies are as follows:

  • DHL Express is a well-known international company that operates in all countries of the world. It takes two to four days for the product to reach customers from the date of shipment of the product. The shipment of the product can be tracked through the customer’s account on iherb.
  • UPS and the shipping process takes from 2 to 5 days from the date of the shipping order.
  • Singpost or CJ Express is known for providing premium shipping services.
  • gsmnton company.
  • cj korea express company
  • Sf express freight company.
  • Sagawa Shipping Company.
  • Yamato Shipping Company.
  • Boxberry Shipping and Transportation Company.
  • Ucs China China Products Shipping Company.

Shipping prices for products vary from one company to another and are visible in the customer’s local currency while filling out the purchase order inside the site.

Does iHerb provide a cash on delivery feature?

Yes, iherb provides the feature of cash on delivery, but under specific conditions and not completely, Among the conditions imposed by the site to benefit from the cash on delivery feature:

  • Payment upon receipt is available through Aramex Shipping only with a tracking number for the shipment process.
  • Cash on delivery is available for one order per person holding an ID or passport during a month and can only benefit from this feature in the following month.
  • The weight of this order should not exceed 14.5 kg in general.
  • This feature is available when purchasing food and nutritional supplements where 5 products must be different from each other, The same product should not be repeated more than 3 times.
  • In the case of purchasing cosmetics, it is not possible to order more than 20 products in one order.

Does iherb provide free shipping for products?

Yes, you can get free shipping on orders over $80 that are purchased from iherb, By entering discount coupons for free shipping when completing the purchase of products, However, this feature is available in some, not all, countries. And sometimes there is a 10% discount on the shipping fee for some countries, Next to the product, there is the word “shiping saver” or “the provision of shipping in Arabic.” One of the most Arab countries that get free shipping of products from iherb is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Does iHerb always offer discounts on purchases of products?

There are many discount codes on iherb products, Which the site offers on a weekly or bi-monthly basis for a specific period to benefit from, There is sometimes a 5% discount code on product prices.

One of these codes is a permanent 5% discount code on the price of any product on the site, Where the free shipping discount is shown only for Saudi Arabia customers, While there is a 10% discount for the rest of the world, Please note that this offer ends on December 30, 2020 at 10:00 pm.

What problems do customers face when buying from iHerb?

There are many problems that face shoppers through iHerb, the most important of which are the following:

  • Unsupported letters and symbols problem when ordering to ship the product by the shipping company, So that the product is not shipped properly.
  • The problem of the maximum orders from iherb, which is very prevalent when ordering products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular.
  • Purchase requisition problem, This problem appears when the credit card information is entered incorrectly 3 times.

What are the suggested solutions to the problems that customers face when buying from iHerb?

We will review several proposed solutions to the problems that customers face when ordering and purchasing products from iherb,
Among the most prominent proposed solutions to these problems are the following:

  • The solution to the problem of the wrong shipping address, which the site does not accept in order to request shipping, is to enter your residential address in English, not Arabic, This is because the shipping companies that deal with iHerb do not deal in Arabic and do not understand it and only deal in English, And until you find your correct address in English or an address close to it, take it from Google Maps and you will get it with great accuracy.
  • Solve the problem of the maximum number of requests, which is to distribute the requests that you want to receive in the names of your family members, while changing the place of receipt if possible, in order to avoid the request being canceled because it is considered a fraud on the site and shipping companies.
  • The only solution to the problem of suspending purchase orders when it occurs is to write to technical support, do not escape, and tell them the problem so that they can solve it, And the customer can buy with his credit card again, In order to avoid this error from happening in the first place, it is to ensure that the full amount of money and more than it is available in the credit card, In addition to making sure the credit card is valid for online purchases, You should also pay attention to entering the credit card details very accurately in the payment gateway of the Yahrab.

What are the best iHerb products


The products on iherb are divided into several sections, The most famous of these products, which gained popularity and demand during the year 2020, are the following:

Skin Care Products:

  • Washing water oil called Korean rice, the size of 150 ml, and women and girls buy it because it helps remove all kinds of makeup from the face, even if it is waterproof makeup, While keeping the skin soft and lively.
  • Organic Coconut Oil 450gm, It helps to keep the skin of the face and hands soft and moisturized for as long as possible, It can be purchased by both men and women.
  • African black soap weighing 64 g, which helps to remove sweat in a 100% natural way, It also works to keep the skin nice and fresh and does not cause any complications and problems when used, This product is very popular with both men and women.
  • A cleansing and sanitizing gel containing vitamin C and manuka honey, it is an effective wash to remove impurities from the face, sterilize and cleanse it and always provide it with vitality and freshness because of the effective therapeutic properties of manuka honey. In addition, vitamin C provides the skin with vitality and freshness.
  • Organ balm that contains shea and cocoa butter, which moisturizes the lips in winter, as well as the joints of the body when used, It is also a very effective alternative to synthetic petroleum jelly and is a 100% natural product.

Dental care products:

  • The Plus White Premier System, which contains a 3-piece whitening kit, whitens teeth within 5 minutes while maintaining the whitening for as long as possible.
  • A whitening toothpaste for smokers with a refreshing mint flavor, which acts as an antidote to the tobacco substance found in smoke, It can also be used for hookah smokers as well, as it gives great results in both cases, Men are the most popular category to buy this product.
  • Natural mint toothpaste is completely free of artificial fluoride and gives real and wonderful teeth whitening results, Plus, it’s 100% natural. It is very popular with both men and women.
  • Whitening toothpaste with cinnamon flavor and helps to get rid of blackening of the teeth and removes calcifications and makes them white, It is very popular with both men and women for its high efficacy.

Vitamin products:

  • Vitamin Code Garden of Life 120 capsules, This vitamin works to treat various colon problems through enzymes called probiolics that help the digestion process very efficiently, It also contributes to solving the problem of acne, It is for women only, 4 capsules must be taken daily.
  • Organic vitamins from Garden Offline perform the same task as the Mode Garden vitamin, but they differ in that they contain a lot of herbs, fruits and vegetables that make the skin lively and supple, It is intended for women, and two capsules should be taken daily.
  • Vitamin gum, which are vitamins in the form of gum that can be chewed, It contains folic acid, calcium, In addition to containing vitamin E, and vitamin D, and vitamin b16, and vitamin b12, It also contains zinc. It is intended for women. It should be taken 3 tablets daily.

Skin Care Products:

  • Biotin shampoo produced by Belmed by Natural, which contains quinoa protein and flaxseed, It is rich in vitamin b5, It comes with lavender oil and orange peel extract. Both men and women can benefit from it and use it as it is suitable for nourishing mental hair and eliminating its many problems.
  • A shampoo that treats and eliminates dandruff, produced by Jason Naturals. And because it is a shampoo that contains completely natural herbs that contribute to eliminating dandruff permanently, in addition to moisturizing the scalp and preventing itching permanently, Both men and women can benefit from it.
  • A topical nourishing solution for hair, produced by Shine, It mainly contributes to treating and eliminating hair baldness and working to re-grow hairs in empty places thanks to the fact that it contains many herbs and plant extracts that help solve this problem.

The best nutritional supplement products from iHerb to gain weight

  • Natural Way Capsules With Fenugreek Seeds, Which contains many natural herbs that help open the appetite to eat, It also contains fenugreek pills that help to gain weight, especially for women in specific places on their bodies.
  • Natural Way Chamomile Flower Weight Gainer Capsules, Which contains many plant ingredients that help strengthen the body and open the appetite in an excellent way.
  • Goat’s milk powder, produced by Meinberg. It is a dried goat’s milk that helps open the appetite when consumed regularly because it contains vitamin D, folic acid, and calcium.

Best iHerb Supplement Products for Weight Loss:

  • The nutritional supplement Nitro Tech Ripped for weight loss, as this product contains a distinctive combination of proteins and vitamins that the body needs and at the same time lose weight, The secret to losing weight lies in the fact that the product contains canephora robusta coffee, which has proven its effectiveness in losing weight in a period of time that does not exceed 60 days of following the diet.
  • Hydroxycut food supplement, which comes in the form of capsules, each capsule of which contains a mixture of vitamins and caffeine for weight loss. Experiments have shown that taking it for 60 days reduces weight by about 5 kilos with diet and exercise.
  • Total Soy shake helps you lose weight in addition to that, it maintains your health by reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood and maintaining a healthy heart, It contains a large group of vitamins, soy protein and a group of important nutritional supplements to burn fat and reduce weight.

These products are not all natural products and supplements that the Iherb website contains. There are about 4,000 products on the site that are sold and marketed in more than 150 countries around the world. With a guarantee of high quality and that they are 100% natural products, But the products we mentioned are the best selling and most popular products in 2020.