Best Kevin Hart and The Rock movies

Hollywood films and European films in general were able to capture the love of many audiences in various countries of the world and became the first. Because there are artists with a high level of proficiency in acting and art, and through the following lines we will get to know a list that includes the best cinematic films for both Kevin Hart and The Rock.

Information about Kevin Hart and The Rock

Kevin Hart and The Rock are a distinguished duo of the best artists who have appeared on Hollywood cinema screens, as they have a distinct acting talent that made them stars in the first ranks. It is worth mentioning that Kevin Hart was distinguished from his young age with his ability to make others laugh, As for The Rock, he is one of the most famous American wrestlers who achieved many successes by joining the WWE Championship, and from here he turned to acting.

Best Kevin Hart and The Rock movies

Kevin Hart and The Rock played many cinematic roles that showed their talent and achieved great success that transcended the borders of foreign countries and ascended to the world. One of the best films that brought together the distinguished duo Kevin Hart and The Rock are:

Jumanji movie: welcome to jungle

This movie is one of the best American films produced in 2017, and it achieved a huge viewership rate in the United States of America. It has even been translated into many different languages of the world, including Arabic. It is directed by Jack Kasdan. His story deals with the story of four students who are held together in a school and will discover a strange game that will turn their lives upside down because of it. The movie is a science fiction comedy.

Central intelligence movie

The film directed by Russell Marshall, produced in 2016, brought together a distinguished group of comedians in Hollywood, and it is a comedy that achieved profits of $ 200 million, Its story revolves around two men who reunited after being separated for many years, as they were high school friends, and circumstances force them to work together with espionage, and from here the events begin.

Other films: Kevin Hart and The Rock

There is another group of distinguished films that brought together the former duo, which are:

  • Jumanji the next level 2 movie.
  • Fast & Furious presents.
  • Hobbs & shaw movie.

Best Kevin Hart movies

  • Fatherhood movie.
  • Start your free trail movie.
  • The movie Ride A Long.
  • Movie What Now.
  • Central inelligence movie.
  • The Wedding Ringer movie.
  • The movie Get Hard.

The Rock’s best movies

  • Rampage movie.
  • Journey 2 movie the mysterious island.
  • faster movie.
  • Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle movie.
  • G.I. Joe’s Revenge Movie.
  • Baywatch movie.
  • San Andreas movie.
  • Tooth genie movie.
  • Gang stadium movie.
  • Pain and win movie.
  • Film Get Smart.

And here we have come with you to the conclusion of this article, where we got acquainted with a distinguished group of the best films of the best Hollywood cinema actors, namely Kevin Hart and The Rock.