Where to find free online English language courses?

Where to find free online English language courses? This question is repeated by millions of people, especially Arabs, because this foreign language is of interest to many users who want to learn English directly online.

Learn English for free 2022

The need for free online English language courses lies in the fact that English has become the number one language around the world, superior to Arabic unfortunately. There is no transaction, travel, or transaction in this virtual world that does not take place using that global language.

Therefore, the Arab citizen is interested in learning it to improve his academic and social level, especially when traveling and conducting job interviews or dealing with foreigners in the countries we travel to. With the development in the world of technology and technology, it has become easy for us to learn it at any time and without being restricted to a specific place or time.

That is why today, through the Technical 101 website, we will learn about a group of English courses that will enable you to teach English for beginners from scratch for free.

Where to find free online English language courses?

Are you looking for free online English courses with accredited certificates? Fortunately, there are many platforms and websites today that provide you with the best sites to teach English online for free online, Here are the most prominent and best:

The best sites to learn English online for free

Here is an explanation for each site separately, which is as follows:

Alison’s website

Alison is an integrated educational platform for teaching English online for free, It contains a lot of free courses and courses that will definitely help you learn English for free online.

The site focuses on developing the skills of beginners who want to learn this language, Where the platform provides skills to learn pronunciation, writing, Reading in English is easy, simple and uncomplicated, It gradually progresses with you to advanced levels, click here to visit the free platform.

FutureLearn website

Since the future depends on learning the Western language, most notably the English language, FutureLearn is the best site that offers you free online English language courses.

What is special about the platform is that it provides you with the ability to interact with native English speakers, where you will be able to learn the pronunciation correctly by people who already master this language, It is primarily intended for people wishing to complete their studies abroad. Or take your choice of TOEFL or IELTS, click here to visit the website.

Udemy website

On Udemy, you will find many educational courses specialized in teaching beginners the basics of learning the English language professionally and usefully.

Courses or tutorials are provided via the site via video clips in order to better present the idea, This will help the novice to review what was explained at any time to consolidate the information and not forget it. Click here to visit the site.

Esolcourses website

Still with Where to find free online English language courses? And another platform among the best platforms and sites for learning English for free, It is an Esolcourses website that provides you with different levels of free lessons and courses.

Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced These are the levels through which the learner is transferred from one level to another according to his progress. where he will learn grammar, writing, And reading and other skills, click here to visit the site.

Learn english online site

We are still with free online English language courses! (Learn English online) or learn english online is one of the platforms that is no less important than its predecessor from other sites, Millions of free lessons are available on the site directly via a web browser.

Everything you want to learn you will find on this integrated site, through which you will be able to master the English language in a few days, click here to visit the site link.

Free English courses with accredited certificates 2023


Are you still looking for free online English language courses? Mooc courses will relieve you from the trouble of searching and provide you with what you want from educational courses to learn English while sitting at home, and all this is online, You will learn the basics of the language to enable you to experience traveling and learning abroad, click here to visit it.

Coursera website

It is also a great educational platform. Coursera The site has millions of free and paid lessons and courses, Which is easy to access and start learning a foreign language to obtain a certificate at the end of the education stage, click here to visit the website link.

Edx website

Are you looking for a free online English course from scratch? Another useful platform that will provide you with learning from the comfort of your home, The well-known Edx website provides many free online English language courses online.

It is the site founded by Harvard University, from which many geniuses around the world graduated, including Mark, the founder of Facebook, and other people. The site provides you with a lot of free educational lessons, click here to visit the site.

Finally, In today’s article, we learned where to find free online English language courses 2022? It is a very wonderful way to learn the mother tongue, which is the future in everyone’s eyes, This is done through a number of sites and platforms that will make it easier for you to learn it professionally.