How to reserve and buy a Goddady com domain with a Goddady discount coupon

There is a mistake that many website owners and bloggers make. They reserve the free domains for their sites, which results in a lot of problems for the site, Therefore, today I will explain a way through which you can book a from Godaddy with a Vodafone Cash Visa, The price of this domain is $1.17, or 20 Egyptian pounds.

Site owners may have to reserve free domains because they did not have enough money to buy a domain from Godaddy or whatever company he is buying the domain from. They reserve a free domain. But some people do not know the disadvantages of a free domain, such as dot TK, dot CF or dot GA, I will present to you through the technical 101 site what are the harms of these free domains in this article, God willing.

You may ask why I say “domain” or “domain”, You might say what is the difference between the names of each of them?
The meaning of the domain or domain means in English Domain, and we may pronounce the domain “domain”, so do not care 😀

What is a domain or domain?

When you create your site, Your domain should have an IP like, But can a visitor to your site save this IP so that he can access your site again?

Of course no visitor can save the IP, Therefore, the domain came and replaced the IP

and for example: Our technical 101 site has reserved a domain:
Here it is easy for the visitor to save this domain, He can return to your site at any time.

The domain that you reserve for your site is .com, .net or .org, and next to it is the name of your site that you specify when purchasing the domain.
We will reserve and buy the domain through Godaddy, I will explain to you why we buy it especially from Godaddy.

What is Godaddy?

Godaddy is one of the oldest giant companies in the field of web hosting, domains, and many other services, Godaddy is the first company in the world to buy domains, according to Domain State statistics, and therefore many recommend dealing with Godaddy.
Also, Egyptians can pay through Visa Vodafone Cash
I will give you a coupon that will reduce the price of the domain for you to a total amount of $1.17 or 20 Egyptian pounds, God willing.

What are the benefits of the domain for your site and what is its importance?

  • It is easy for the visitor to save the domain of your site, Through the domain, the visitor can return to your site at any time.
  • The domain determines the nature of the work of your site, whether it is commercial or governmental, I will show you how you can choose the domain to suit your site.
  • Google bots (and I’ll show you what these bots are) prefer to have a paid domain, This gives value to your site.
  • The visitor also prefers the paid domain. The paid domain gives a positive impression and confidence to your site to the visitor.
  • The domain gives your website credibility with search engines. So it may help you to archive your topics in a better way.
  • Google Adsense does not accept your site unless it is linked to a paid domain

Google bots: It is a Google machine. As these bots enter your site from time to time to evaluate your site, If your site is valuable, these robots raise your site’s trust in Google, And you raise the ranking of your articles in the Google search engine.

What are the disadvantages of a free domain?

  • It gives a very bad impression to the visitor about your site.
  • When you submit your site for Google Adsense review, Adsense detects that you are using a free domain. Your site will be rejected immediately.
  • So far in my work on the sites, I have not seen a site that has a free domain, It is ranked on any page of the search engines. Therefore, it is very weak and difficult to archive your topics easily.

Tips before buying a domain

Choose a short domain name And the domain name is related to the content of your site:

In other words, when you choose a short domain, It is easy for the visitor to save this domain, And return to your site at any time.
describes or is related to the content of your site; So that when your site talks about technology, for example, book a domain with Tech or the like, And so on all sites.

Choose the appropriate extension for your site’s content:

Meaning that when your site belongs to a company, book a .com extension, and I will also explain to you what types of extensions are and their activity.

What are domain extensions? And the activity of all of them?

There are many types of domains or extensions, But they differ in the function or activity as you will see
  • Dot Com: This extension is best used in a company; Because it is an abbreviation for company. You can also use it on sites such as cooking, news, technology, and many other fields.
  • Dot Net: This extension is best used on websites related to the Internet.
  • Dot org: used on non-profit websites and organizations.
  • Dot INFO: This extension is used when you want to create a website dedicated to information about, for example, a specific company.
  • EG/SA/AE: These extensions are country specific. For example, EG belongs to Egypt, SA belongs to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, AE for UAE.
  • Dot TV: Used for websites related to TV shows.

How to reserve a Godaddy domain with a Vodafone cash visa

For a while, Godaddy has been offering a lot of coupons that reduce the price of the domain to $1.17, But recently, Godaddy has deactivated all these domains, But from a short time ago, Godaddy introduced a coupon that reduced the price to $1.17 as well, I will present it to you in the next steps.

How to buy a Godaddy domain is simple, But all that requires you is to focus on every word “not just that”, And some requirements that I will show you now.
For your information, the coupon that I will be presenting will reduce the price of the .com extension only.

Godaddy domain booking requirements

  • You have already thought and chosen the domain name that you will purchase or reserve.
  • You have specified the domain extension that you will reserve, According to the content of your site as presented to you above.
  • You extract a Visa from your wallet on Vodafone Cash, And that the visa is charged with 20 Egyptian pounds.
  • new account on godaddy Meaning that if you already own an account with domains reserved, The code cannot be applied. So create a new account on Godaddy.
  • Select the country on Godaddy United States, The currency is the dollar, It is at the bottom of the site.
  • Just like this:

I’m sorry I bothered you, Let’s learn the steps to reserve a domain.

Godaddy Domain Reservation .Com

  • Godaddy shows you whether the domain name you typed is available for reservation or is already reserved. In the sense that the domain that you will write if someone else has reserved it, You cannot reserve this previously reserved domain. So, type the domain name available for reservation, Then click on Added To Cart. Then click on Continue To Cart.
  • select No Thanks, And click continue at the end of the page.
  • On this page, specify the duration of the domain for one year, as shown in the image. And click on Have a Promo Code.
  • Type in this coupon ( cjcfw33 ) , and click Apply.
  • As shown in the picture, The price of the domain, for example here, has been reduced to $1.17, Click on Create Account and register a new account on Godaddy
  • Enter the country data and personal information such as name and phone number
  • After obtaining a Vodafone Cash Visa, Write it down here.
  • The domain has been successfully booked
Thus, you have already booked a domain from Godaddy for a year.