Affiliate Marketing Program Guide To Earn Better Commission

There are a lot of sites and channels talking about the Affiliate Souq system, But there is no organized information that will take your hand to the right path and answer all your inquiries. So we wrote this article, It is the summary of my work experience and profit from Affiliate Market, and I also collected all the information scattered on sites and channels.

Follow this comprehensive step-by-step guide, To know all about Affiliate Souq, In order to learn how to profit from the affiliate marketing system for, I promise you that you will get an answer to any question you want, God willing.

In the previous period, there was an uproar about the issue of affiliate marketing, And in this guide, God willing, I will explain what is Affiliate Market, and how to choose the products to be marketed, How to register on I will explain Dashboard Affiliate Market Dashboard, Product Marketing Methods and Profit Strategies from Affiliate Souq, What are the reasons for closing your Affiliate Souq account? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Affiliate Market, Payment methods and how to withdraw profits, Just all I ask you to focus with me in this guide and you will learn everything you want to know about the Affiliate Souq system.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful and best ways to profit from the Internet today,
It is employed by a lot of freelancers online, And they make a lot of money from it, thanks to God.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing :

It is for the owner of the product or service to agree with marketers of his product or service. He gives them a commission on every sale made through them.

Affiliate marketing via the Internet is very similar to the “brokerage” reformer in our current reality, For example, you might find someone agreeing with a man who wants to sell a building, However, he will bring him a buyer for this building in exchange for an agreed amount of money, for example.

So is affiliate or affiliate marketing via the Internet, You agree with a company or person who sells a specific product, and bring him a buyer for this product, And you earn your commission.


What is Souq Affiliates?

Affiliate Souq is a system created by, This system is for marketers of Where marketers market the products of, They earn a commission on every piece they sell.

in the previous period, The Affiliate program has spread a lot. Where this spread started from two videos that Professor Mohamed Hafez published on his YouTube channel, The two videos spread widely and caused a stir in the internet world. Hence the work on Affiliate Market started. Then came many people who explained the issue in more detail. And these videos I will put at the end of the article, God willing, for those who want to hear them.

What is (Amazon KSA Now)? is one of The largest electronic stores in the Arab worldAnd this company has been affiliated with Amazon since 2017, and this company includes more than 400,000 products, and it has many competitors such as: “Noon – Jumia.” provides a system for merchants on the site; In order for them to sell their products, let’s learn about the types of products that we can market on Souq.

What products can be marketed?

There are 12 sections on that you can market to. Such as: “Fashion Market – Mobiles and Tablets – Electronics – Home – Home Appliances – Health and Beauty…etc”.

Meaning that you will find the best products that you can market, God willing. Focus on what’s to come.

How do I choose the products that I will market?

In this step, you will find the successful marketer in choosing the right product. And the unsuccessful marketer in choosing the product,
So be careful in this step, because if you neglect it, you will find problems later.

There are several steps that you must follow in order to choose the right product: In principle, before I explain the steps, before you choose the product to be marketed, think with yourself for a minute.. Is there a season or a specific occasion such as religious holidays such as Eid al-Fitr, these holidays are one of the best seasons From which marketers make a lot of money from experience.. but I don’t swear to that

You may ask what do I sell on religious holidays?

religious holidays in particular or seasons in general, You find many of us think where to buy clothes or shoes,
Here is your role in your advertising campaigns and strategies through which you can reach the customer who wants to buy a specific thing

Market for products you understand

There are marketers who market products they know nothing about. When a customer inquires about this product,
They find that they cannot answer it, This is due to his failure to choose the right product for him.

This step is neglected by many of us as marketers. It is an understanding of the type of products we will market, Every marketer should market the products that he understands as their characteristics. Or in other words, you can talk to the customer, discuss and negotiate with him about the product.

Product quality

You and the quality of the product.. Marketers may choose poor quality products, He may ask why I did not find a buyer?

Your good choice of product quality, It brings you many benefits, including: You find the customer recommending his friends, for example, to buy from you, Gives you a respected name in the market you work in, You don’t find many returns.

While choosing the wrong product is the biggest mistake you will face in your business, And in our work on Affiliate Market, when you sell a poor quality product, you may find a lot of returns that will cause you depression, You find reviews and opinions you may not like from customers that damage your brand’s reputation, So I recommend the quality of the product.

Product price

You find marketers who choose the product at random without considering whether the price of this product is suitable for the customer or not,
And when he spends a lot of money in advertising campaigns, he says why didn’t I find clients?

The price of the product is certainly a big factor in the success of your marketing campaign.

for example: Most of us, but not all of us, when he goes to buy a particular product, finds him asking how much?

So take care of comparing the prices of this product with its competitors and recommend you for the second time the quality of the product.

There is a filter on where you can set the minimum and maximum price for a particular product that you want to market.


There is a great feature in, which are the reviews on each product, At the end of any product page you will find reviews, These evaluations enable the customer to leave his impression and his opinion on the product.

This feature will actually benefit you in looking at the opinions of customers who have purchased the product, Know what are its advantages and what are its disadvantages.

Shipping by Souq

One of the best features that will benefit you on Souq is: You will be lucky if this feature is available in the product you will be marketing for. The shipping feature from Souq allows you that when the total price of the customer’s products exceeds 350 pounds, you will receive free shipping, This saves the customer the amount of freight. This feature is found on some products, as you can see in the next picture

By the way.. The shipping price on Souq to anywhere in Egypt is 26 pounds, There is also 5 pounds to be paid upon receipt .

Providing all product features:

If you want to market a product like shoes, And the shoes have characteristics of colors, sizes and the number of stokes in the site “any quantity of the product”

For example, if we choose to market shoes, We found a good quality shoe, a good evaluation, and a simple price. We come to this step, which provides the characteristics of the shoe in terms of its colors, sizes and shoe quantity:

  • Colors: The shoes must have the common colors that customers need, Such as: White – black – maroon – navy – camel – gray
  • Sizes: Must have 5 common sizes: 41-42-43-44-45″
  • Shoe Quantity: I hear you say why is it important to know how many shoes are available?

When you know the amount of shoes, you can determine whether I will stop the advertising campaign or not, In other words, when you work on a product and run your advertising campaign, And the quantity of the product is implemented, you stop the advertising campaign in order not to spend a budget without orders.

Some may ask how do I know the quantity of shoes currently available? The truth is that we as marketers cannot know the available quantity in the shoes, but on, when the quantity of any product reaches 10 pieces, the site starts placing a red flag like this image to alert you that the product is in limited quantity.

What happens when I work on a product with a red label, meaning the quantity is limited? When you work on a product with a limited quantity, you run your advertising campaign, and in a few hours, this quantity will be executed, so that the advertising campaign may not withdraw a budget, and in this case you may have wasted time And some of your budget. When you choose shoes, this sign should not be present.

Seller status

When you choose the product that you will market, it is preferable to enter the seller’s page, and take a look at the overall rating of the seller, From here you make the decision. Are you going to market to him or not to enter the seller’s page.. enter any product, Then click on the seller’s name on the left, you will find the seller’s rating.

Thus, we have explained the correct way to choose the product on

Affiliate market commissions on products

The affiliate system allows you to market many products, Each type of product has a different commission rate, and the following list shows you the commission rate for each product for Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Product Type Kingdom Saudi Arabia Egypt
the art , Crafts and collectibles 7% 8.4%
Child 7% 8.4%
bags and wallets 12% 12%
beauty 7% 9.1%
bed and bathroom 5% 6.5%
books 9% 9%
Cameras and accessories 2% 2.8%
Clothing 12% 13%
Coins, stamps and paper 7% 8.4%
Computers, IT and Networks 2% 3.3%
electronics 2% 4.5%
Eyeglasses and optics 12% 13%
shoes 12% 12%
the games 2% 4.2%
The garden and its accessories 4% 7.2%
grocery, Food and drinks 5% 5%
Health and personal hygiene 7% 8.4%
household appliance 4% 5.1%
Home decor and furniture 5% 7%
Jewelry and accessories 12% 13%
Kitchen and household supplies 5% 7.6%
kitchen tools 4% 5%
Mobile phones, tablets and accessories 2% 2%
Music and movies 7% 7%
Office products and supplies 5% 6%
perfume 7% 9%
Pet Food & Supplies 4% 6.5%
Sports and fitness 7% 8.8%
Tools and major improvements 5% 6.7%
Kids Games 4% 6%
Vehicle parts and accessories 7% 8.7%
Coupons and tickets 7% 6%
Watches and accessories 8% 10.1%

Thus, we have clarified the Affiliate Market commission.

How to register in the Souq Affiliate?

See how to register in Affiliate Souq through this picture..

Explanation of the Affiliate Market Control Panel

The Affiliate Market Dashboard is very simple, I know you know all this, but there are new colleagues in the field, so we have to answer all their questions, I know very well that you need to know the strategy of marketing products and profit from the souq affiliate, And I don’t know what to say after all the things I filled out with the article… Forgive me, Google.

Souq affiliate system terms and conditions

  • When you register on the affiliate market system, you can take the banner code and put it on your site
  • As soon as visitors click on the banner or advertisement that you placed on your site, any sale made through your advertisement, You will take a commission for this sale according to its type and price, “As we mentioned above, each type of product has a certain commission rate.”
  • When a customer orders products from you, The delivery time for these products to the customer is a maximum of 4 days. The customer has the full right to return the product if he finds any problem in it or does not like it, for example, within 14 days of purchasing the product, After 14 days, he has no right to take it back.

Focus on this. When the customer returns the product, the shipping representative goes to him within 3 days and takes the product from him, and at this time the customer does not take his money, Only after the shipping representative goes to the company’s headquarters to inspect the products, When the examination is done.

The customer’s money will be refunded to his account on the website. With this money in his account, the customer can make orders as he wants, He can also request the withdrawal of money at the post office “Bosta” or a bank transfer.

  • When a customer asks you for a product, The order is completed successfully. The commission is calculated in the Reports section in the form of Pending Orders profit, as shown in the image above.
  • After the product reaches the customer and after 14 days of purchasing the product, “the period for the customer to return the product”, Pending orders are converted to Confirmed Earnings
  • If you are a new affiliate marketer, you have to wait for two months, ie 60 days, Until your money is transferred valid for Eligible earnings.
  • If you have received money from Affiliate Souq before, In this case, you can receive your earnings every month on a regular basis.
  • Do not order orders or orders for the customer yourself, But give him the referral link he asks himself
  • If you are shopping through a Facebook page or any social media, Do not order products for your friends
  • If you are shopping on Facebook, posting on Instagram , or any social media, Do not create your page in the name of or any name or image of Souq because you are in violation of their policy

These are the terms of the affiliate market souq affiliate system, Thank you for reading all this. And I know you still have questions,
I will answer them in the rest of the article.

Types of reports that you will see in Affiliate Market

In the Affiliate Souq system, there are some types of reports that you should know well, I know that you will find these reports in the Reports section.

Earnings Report:

This report displays your earnings on Souq Affiliate Market.

The report displays your earnings history in days, your Confirmed Earnings, and your Pending Earnings.

Orders Report:

It is a report that shows you the history of orders placed by customers.

Tags Report:

Shows sales performance details with the possibility of downloading it in CSV format.

There are some problems that market affiliate marketers face, I will present it to you and the solutions to these problems, God willing. But after explaining the marketing strategy and methods in Affiliate Market because it is a problem facing every new marketer who does not know how to market products and how to profit from them, I will put the olives to you.

Profit Strategy From Souq Affiliate

Here’s what you need, you know that. Take a breath and let’s move on. I will show you more than one way to market products. There are free and paid methods; So that you can profit from Affiliate Market, God willing..

Marketing products via the Facebook Marketplace

Market Place is a tool provided by Facebook so that we can sell our products easily and easily and reach a large number of buyers of the service or product.

Market Place is one of the most important and best free tools that many marketers are ignorant of. You must take advantage and use this tool.

I actually used this tool when I was promoting products and I didn’t have enough money to make ads on Facebook,
which will be explained, God willing. But wait and forget..

Once, a friend of mine asked me to make an advertisement for his car because he wanted to sell it. So I showed Arabic on the Market Place.
And got 5810 views of the ad, 350 people contacted me to buy it, All this in a free way that many do not know, So I advise you to use it.

How to make an advertisement on the Market Place

The method is very easy my friend. Just enter the market place, and click sell something As you can see in the picture, add the ad title and price, select the category of your product, add the description and product images, and click Publish

Marketing products via YouTube Channel

Have you ever heard of YouTube and found links like these in the description of the video?

Here are the affiliate links of the owner of the channel, But Ahmed Abu Zeid, the owner of the online lessons channel, uses an Amazon affiliate, Links have been placed at the bottom of the video; Even if someone wants to buy from his referral link, he also earns a commission.

You may ask, How do I create my affiliate link on any product on

All you have to do is go to your Affiliate Souq account and place your mouse or mouse on the Marketing Tools section, A dropdown menu appears, Then click on Link Builder.

Enter the website and take the link of the product you want to make a referral link for in order to shop for it, then put it in the first box as in the image above, and then click generate affiliate link, You will get your referral link.

What you will do is to think of a product that many people are looking for and want to buy, then you enter the Souq website and choose the product “as you knew above”, then create a YouTube channel, and create a video explaining this product in a minute, for example, and let the viewers know that the link to buy The product is in the description box, and put the link in the video description for those who want to buy the product. But you will face a problem, which is how to get views of the video?

Do you know what is SEO? (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is setting up your website or video to top the keywords your audience is searching for, so you can get views for your video. I advise you to watch this video. It will show you how to implement SEO on YouTube .

I know my friend that the article is long, but believe me, I promise you that until now there is no website that explains this topic in this way and with this abundant information, I am not proud of this information because God has blessed me with it. But this is the zakat of knowledge, my friend.

To continue, as we explained above, the Affiliate Souq system contains banners or ads that you can place on your website,
The more traffic your site gets, The more the ad was seen, The more I win, God willing

Marketing products through your website

And the way to get the commission marketing banner on is that you will place your mouse on the Marketing Tools section, then click on product banners, You will find, as you can see in the following image, the types of banners that you can place on your site, Banner language, and the country to which the banner will be displayed, and select the category category i.e. niche your site, Then select a more specialized niche, Sub Category, if you want, Then click on Display. You will get a code to click on your site, and the banner will appear, God willing.

There is another feature that you can find in the drop-down list of the Marketing Tools section, which is the Search bar. This tool enables you to place a banner on your website. Through this banner, a visitor to your site can search for any product on If you buy any product, the commission will be charged to you.

Marketing products through Facebook ads Facebook Ads

Here is the last method of profit strategies from Affiliate Market and not the last in the article, God willing, This method requires money from you, but if you learn how to do ads correctly and define your target audience, You will succeed, God willing

A brotherly advice. When you try any method or tool or anything in your life, be patient, Because it is the key to the vulva, It may not work for you at first or after trying it a few times. But with perseverance, focus and learning from every experience; You will succeed, God willing, my friend.

All in this way is to promote your products through Facebook Ads, You will create a page for you on Facebook, and as I mentioned above, do not name your page with a name belonging to, because that is against, And make an explanation of the product you are offering as you can see in the following image

As you can see, I mentioned the name of the product, its price and the characteristics of the product, as I also explained above, and all the details that the buyer may ask about to save time, and the purchase link “the affiliate link”, Then create the advertising campaign.

Thus, we have reached the end of our explanation of the strategy of profit from commission marketing or affiliate

Reasons and solutions for closing your Affiliate Souq account

There are several mistakes that affiliate marketers make on, But those who work in violation of the policies of or in the correct sense of the north way.

The illegal way that marketers use to profit from Affiliate Souq is that they place orders for customers themselves, In other words, the marketer asks the customer for the product he wants to buy. And as we mentioned in the laws above that this method is illegal and violates 100% with the policies of Affiliate Souq.

But as we all know that the concept of online shopping for Arabs is not widespread, But in the coming years, this future will become, God willing. Therefore, the customer may not know how to order the product himself from Therefore, the marketer resorts to asking him for his order himself in order not to lose the customer.

At the beginning of my work on Affiliate Souq, I was not aware of these laws, and that asking for the product to customers is against, I was talking to customer service one day to solve a problem, I spontaneously mentioned that I buy for clients myself, The account was closed the same day with the money in it and I can’t get it back until today, Therefore, I will present the causes of the problems faced by marketers who work in violation of the laws of Affiliate Market, And the way to solve it, God willing. And every new marketer should avoid them as much as possible.

When you speak with customer service, do not mention to them that you are ordering customers yourself as you made a mistake.

It is also preferable not to forget, after your customers receive the product, to enter the account and give an evaluation of the product so that you are not suspected that you are making orders yourself, and rate all products a positive evaluation

Allocate a phone number to contact customer service, or even better if you have a landline phone, it is preferable to call from it, because if they suspect that you are not the customer that you enter and communicate with about a problem you are facing, or you are a marketer and find out that you are working illegally, they close your account.

We prefer to operate legally. And according to the popular saying of the Egyptians, “Walk right. Your enemy is confused about you.”

If you have finished reading up to here, I highly encourage you to focus on this, my friend. Send blessings upon me (Our Master Muhammad, the best of prayers and peace be upon him), And let’s get into the problem of not calculating commissions.

The problem of not calculating commissions in Affiliate Souq

Many marketers who have already started working on Affiliate Souq are facing the problem of not calculating profits, There are many reasons, so let’s know them now to avoid them

  • Do not clear browser cookies or history:

The non-calculation of the Souq affiliate commission is due to the failure to clear the cookies of the browser on which orders are requested by customers,
Therefore, I advise you to clear cookies every week in order to keep your browser clean

Affiliate link:

  • The problem may be due to the fact that the affiliate link is invalid or invalid, so make sure your links are always correct
  • Do not shorten the affiliate link on sites such as bitly or any link shortening site
  • Do not follow your stats from the dashboard, affiliate souq dashboard
  • If you want to see your statistics, I advise you to go to the Reports section to see the statistics of orders.
  • The requests you request from ten in the evening until six in the morning will not appear on the system until after six in the morning, God willing.
  • Be patient because the Affiliate market system or website is very, very slow to respond and I know that you will suffer from it,
    So wait for a while and come back to see your stats .

Payment methods, profit withdrawal method and minimum withdrawal

There is only one payment method on Affiliate, which is by bank transfer, In the sense that it requires you to make a bank account in any Egyptian bank that supports transfers from abroad in order to receive your money, such as the National Bank or the Bank of Alexandria

This information is required from you when you enter the payment method on So you should get it from the bank:

  • Account Holder Name
  • Account Number
  • Swift – BIC
  • Bank Name
  • Bank Address
  • City
  • Country

There is an error in the video that Mr. Mohamed Hafez was requesting orders for all customers from only one market email, But this is the problem that I lost the account that was closed, I recommend that you order each customer with a different email.

Here we come to the end of this article about affiliate marketing and follow us in upcoming lessons on modern sources adopted by affiliate marketers in 2020, who caught my eye with their success, which I see daily from the increase in popularity and visibility on Google … not in their words.