Top 5 historical Asian series with Arabic subtitles

Asian dramas were distinguished by their acquisition of a large proportion of audiences and viewers from different countries of the world, specifically the countries of the Arab region. Asian dramas were able to present new and different stories, so that most of their works were quoted by some countries such as Turkey, In the following lines, we will present to you the best historical Asian series translated into Arabic.

The most powerful Asian historical series

The list of Asian historical works included a distinguished group of TV series that were able to reach many countries, where they were translated in more than one language. Among the most powerful of these works are:

Moon lovers scarlet heart reayo series

This series is considered one of the most famous Asian historical series, as its story deals with a woman living in the 21st century, while circumstances forced her to travel back in time to go back a thousand years, specifically in the Kingdom of Goryeo, but her soul resides in the body of the wife of the eighth prince of this kingdom, and the surprise happens when she falls in love The Fourth Prince, who was known for his violent nature, From here, the events of the series begin.

Moon Embracing The Sun

This series was able to reach many countries around the world after being translated into many languages. Its story and events revolve around a strong love story between a shaman and an imaginary king. Despite their love, dark magic and circumstances will play its game to separate them, but will fate be able to meet again other or not?

Love in the moon light series

This series deals with the nineteenth century specifically in the Joseon dynasty, where a great love story arose between the crown prince of the empire with a girl who always disguises as a man and is sent as a eunuch to the palace, The girl and the prince will face many obstacles, but what will happen between them until they declare their love for each other?

The best historical Asian series translated into Arabic

Chinese and Korean historical works have been able to dominate drama in the entire countries of Asia, and the most prominent of these works are:

Series A rang and the magistrat

This series is a Korean historical work that deals with a dark folk story mixed with some romantic scenes, where it talks about the daughter of a judge who was murdered and there is a beautiful ghost for her who is chasing any judge who can get this position, but in the end came a judge who was determined to take this position, so what will happen to him? .

Empress ki . series

It is a distinguished Asian historical series and romantic drama based on a true story. Its story revolves around Song, who was a slave in Goryeo, who begins to pretend as a man so that they will not send her to China in order to serve the Emperor, but she will fall in love with King Goryeo and face many difficulties in her life.

And here we have come with you to the conclusion of this article, in which we talked about a distinguished list of the best historical Asian series that have been translated into Arabic and have achieved many successes in various countries of the world, specifically the Arab world.