8 dubbed Turkish romantic series that captured the hearts of followers

There are many distinct and unique Turkish romantic series, What distinguishes it is that it is dubbed in order for all Arab followers to understand it. These dubbed Turkish series have spread widely, and a large group of Turkish drama lovers, especially women, are looking for them.

The names of the best Turkish series dubbed in Arabic

Turkish series Dubbed most of them are full of romance that attract followers to watch them, and in particular; Lovers of romantic series in the Arab world, they see Turkish series as an influential embodiment of love stories and emotional relationships. Let us now review the top 10 dubbed and translated series in Arabic, of Turkish origin, that gained great popularity by followers in the Arab world during 2021.

Night and Maknoun series, Crazy Lily Leyla, Mecnun

The Majnoun Leila series is one of the most famous dubbed Turkish series, which is characterized by romance and an unparalleled love story that attracts the viewer and makes him enjoy the unique feelings of love, take him to the world of love, It is also a distinguished comedy series that takes place in Istanbul.

As it was shown in 2011. It has won the admiration of many fans of Turkish drama and was shown on TRT channel, He is among the heroine of the series, Lily, who is from a middle-class family. And between Majnun Lili, who is from a well-off family and a high class, She was born on the same bed and was placed on one bed inside the hospital after giving birth due to the lack of enough beds. And their story began, and the crazy love of Lily, He was then at the age of twenty-five.

Promise series yemen

The Turkish Promise series is one of the best romantic Turkish series that many viewers are looking for, and it has won millions of views because it tells a distinct love story that began after hatred and hatred between the two lovers, where they married without love, At first, but over time, their attitude changed and changed.

He brought the case, Hikmat, his niece, who claims Rehan to marry her to his spoiled son, Amir, and she did not want to marry, but agreed for the sake of her uncle, and Amir did not want to marry Rayhan, but married her for his father’s sake, but in the end things turned and changed and they became in love with each other.

Nour series

The Turkish series Noor is one of the best dubbed and romantic Turkish series ever. He gained worldwide fame and was loved by many Arab viewers. It is a romantic and distinguished series that tells a love story between the hero Muhannad and the heroine Nour, who came from the village to live in Istanbul with the handsome young Muhannad.

Muhannad refused to marry Nour and was not convinced of her because he loved his girlfriend Nihal and despite him his grandfather married him to Nour and with the passage of time and the continuity of life and trying to change Nour from her appearance and the way she wore clothes, Muhannad loved her and their love story became great and it became a long love story.

Daughter of the Ambassador series seffarini Kizi

It is one of the famous Turkish series that has many views by many fans of Turkish drama and who are looking for the best and speak from the distinct and dubbed Turkish series in order to follow them, This series has its protagonists. Rania, daughter of the Turkish ambassador, and Sultan.

Also, this series is very popular with international and local people. The series revolves around Rania, the ambassador’s daughter, who left Sultan on the wedding night to return to him again after eight years. She may return on Sultan’s wedding night with her eight-year-old daughter Malak, a series that has won the admiration of millions of followers of Turkish drama around the world. It is a series dubbed into Arabic and has been translated into other languages as well.

Black and White Love Series Siyah Beyaz Ask

A romantic Turkish series that tells about a good-hearted and affectionate Turkish doctor named Asli. She does her best to help others, His foundation has a single brother, a body that works as a distinguished police officer in performing all his duties in the police and serving the country. After the death of his father and mother, he became the head of the family and responsible for Asli, She and her brother live in Istanbul.

On the other hand, Farhat, the young man whose father died, moves to Istanbul, For a murderer to work with his uncle to fulfill his duty towards his mother and sisters, And he does many illegal business with his uncle named Namek, He is someone who engages in illegal activities and may be protected by his nephew Farhat, whom his uncle trusts very much.

The series “The Days Pass”

It is one of the series that is characterized by a very romantic character. It is a love story that began since childhood in an orphanage between Ghazal and Asma, two children who grew up in the orphanage until it was time for Ghazal to go and leave the house to the house of one of the wealthy, a man and his wife, and their daughter died. A doctor after growing up.

Asmar becomes a killer and defender of a famous businessman working in illegal activities and meets Ghazal in the hospital when he is shot, With time, the secret is revealed and they get to know each other.

Love series for rent

This distinguished Turkish series is one of the best dubbed Turkish series that has been shown and watched by many people. It tells a special romantic love story with a distinctive character between Dima and Omar, He is a rich businessman and a very handsome young man. She is a simple girl who works as a waitress and then works in Omar’s company.

As time goes by, they get closer to each other. She is an attractive girl and loves to work a lot. With time, Omar loves Dima and vice versa.

Early Bird series Erken ku

It is one of the dubbed Turkish series with a romantic character. The events of the series revolve around Sanim, the cheerful and cheerful girl who normally works in her father’s grocery store. Every day in the morning she goes to open the shop, but this does not please her mother, as she would like her daughter to work in office work, otherwise her father will give permission to the groom who loves her very much to marry her, who is called Mzaffer.

These were the ten romantic Turkish series that captured the hearts of followers and gained very great popularity during 2021 compared to other series.