Top 5 educational cartoon films for young children in Arabic

Cartoon films have a very great importance as they help in raising children and teaching them the right morals and habits, and specifically educational films, which have a very big role in developing the child’s talent and helping him to know what is right and wrong and a lot of information about him. Through the following lines, we will present to you a distinguished list of the best educational cartoons for young children dubbed in Arabic.

educational cartoons

The film industry and educational cartoon series are interested in providing excellent content for young children that aims to give them an atmosphere of fun and entertainment, but at the same time directs them to good morals as well as alerting them to what is wrong and should not be done, This is in addition to the presence of many cartoon films that teach children numbers and letters in Arabic and English, as well as geometric shapes and others.

The best educational cartoons for young children dubbed in Arabic

There is a distinguished group that includes the best educational cartoon films and is also characterized as speaking the Arabic language so that it is easy for the child to understand and receive lessons and advice from them. Among the best of these films are:

Siraj movie to learn the alphabet

Siraj is considered one of the most important Arabic-speaking educational cartoon films, and it is an Arab production. This series teaches young children the alphabet through attractive pictures, through the child Siraj, where he eats only one letter in each episode of the cartoon, so this film consists of episodes Diverse and different.

Muslim Scholars movie

The Muslim Scholars is an Arabic-language historical cartoon film and an Arabic production as well. It consists of a set of parts, In each of his episodes, he deals with one of the most important historical stories for the Arabs and explains it in detail so that the information and the goal of the story reach young children and they learn from its wisdom.

Zed and Science movie

The movie Zed and the Science is an educational cartoon, one of the most famous international films in this field. Its parts are presented separately, dubbed into Arabic. Where Baraem dubbing it, This film deals with science and chemistry, and teaching children some important things in laboratories and others, through the child Zaid.

Nour and the Gate of History

Nour and the Gate of History is an Arab-Egyptian production and is an Arabic-language, historical, educational animated film. Parts of the film deal with talking about many historical information in the lives of the Arabs, and it deals with many important figures from scholars and others, such as Jaber Ibn Hayyan, Ibn Sina, Ibn Battuta, Abbas Ibn Firnas and all those who influenced human history, How did this science come to us?

The best educational cartoon series in Arabic

Instead of educational cartoon films, you can also follow the cartoon series, which aims to reach the same results through a series of episodes, the most prominent of which are:

  • The Amazing Bus series.
  • Dora series.
  • Series Once Upon a Time Life.
  • Knowledge Robots series.
  • Flona series.

And here we have come with you to the conclusion of this article, in which we talked about the best educational cartoons for young children, either spoken or dubbed into Arabic, If you want to teach your child new things, make him watch these movies.