The best resources for free English courses with certificates

The English language is among the most in-demand languages in the world at any level of education you want to reach. As improving your educational and academic level requires you to undergo many free online courses that teach you the basics of the English language and make you a professional in it.

There are many job opportunities requested by some companies that require a professional mastery of English in order to be able to deal with foreigners and know how to talk to them without any difficulty, In addition to joining foreign international colleges and universities such as Britain, Germany, America, Turkey also requires you to learn English as well, We have already known about an article about where to find free online English language courses ?

Free course platforms with certified certificates

Distance education has become the dominant feature in this era. Especially with the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid 19), which has forced millions around the world to stay within what is known as quarantine, Which helped in the emergence of direct e-learning online, It only requires you a computer or an Android smartphone and an iPhone, Internet connection.

In some cases, you may need to download instant messaging software such as Signal, Zoom Zoom, Google Meet, WhatsApp, And other programs that allow messaging and communicating with audio and video in order to conduct meetings and lectures in a live broadcast, Fortunately, there are many platforms that provide you with free online courses with an accredited and certified certificate.

Top 4 Free English Course Resources with Certificates

The Internet today has become a virtual teacher through which we can get many benefits, Including direct e-learning through platforms and websites that provide you with a large number of free educational lessons and courses in various fields.

Free English courses with accredited certificates are among the most sought after courses. Especially with the high turnout of young men and women to emigrate outside their countries in order to improve their educational, living and social standards, Learning English will help them increase the chances of obtaining work contracts abroad, Therefore, here are the most prominent and best English learning sites for free and with accredited certificates.

Youglish site

This site is among the best sources of free English courses with accredited certificates. It provides you with many educational courses and courses that teach you the English dialect in a healthy way in terms of pronunciation, writing, And reading too.

Where the site provides you with a number of videos on YouTube in more than one English dialect, including the American and British accent, and english spanish too, With an explanation of the letters and the correct and correct pronunciation, And you can re-explanation at any time in order to install the information, click here to visit the site link.

Duolingo website

Duolingo is one of the most important and famous platforms around the world. Where millions of people use it to learn English through free online courses and courses, Or through the lessons available on the application itself.

The application allows you to learn more than 20 languages at the same time, Among them, the English language is the most requested language around the world. And that is through a series of online courses to learn English, starting from the beginner to the intermediate and ending with the professionals, You can choose from which level to start.

It is also easy to determine the appropriate study time for you to learn a foreign language in terms of reading, listening, writing, and speaking, It is easy to learn the correct pronunciation by pronunciation and then the site corrects it for you directly in a fun and entertaining way at the same time, click here to visit the site.

Alison’s website

If you are looking for the best resources for free English courses with accredited certificates, Alison is one of the leading websites in this field. Through this platform, you can get online English education courses, Teach you pronunciation, writing, conversation, and reading.

On the site you will find many lessons divided into a number of sections, And each section of it provides you with an explanation of a rule or a specific idea, the duration of which does not exceed 10 minutes, so that the learner does not get bored. It is also easy to take online tests to know your current level, click here to visit the site and start choosing and learn the lessons directly.

Englishclub . site

(English Club) or the English Club is among the best sources of free English courses with accredited certificates that you can rely on, The platform is an integrated site with a lot of free courses that make you a professional in this globally required language.

The site contains thousands of lessons to learn English in terms of pronunciation, listening, speaking, and other other skills, The site also provides video and audio chat rooms for direct conversations with English speakers to learn the correct pronunciation directly, click here to visit the site.

How do I get an accredited English language certificate for free?

The four sites mentioned above are not the only ones that are considered the best sources for obtaining free English courses with accredited certificates, There are a number of others, including:

  • myenglishpages site
  • 50languages . site
  • learnenglish.britishcouncil
  • engvid site
  • lingualia

At the conclusion of today’s article, Learn about the best sources of free English courses with accredited certificates, It is a group of wonderful websites and platforms through which you can master the English language and learn it well in order to improve your academic and educational level and increase the chances of getting a job abroad.