Best app lock software for Android

Applications and programs on smartphones are among the most sensitive and important things for a large segment of users. This is because it is considered a well of secrets for its owner. We keep a lot of pictures. and videos, And private conversations and chats on these applications, it is necessary and even necessary to protect them from prying eyes.

Searching for the best application lock program with a password, pattern, or fingerprint is one of the most searches through the Google engine, This is in order to protect and preserve privacy and prevent strangers and curious people from seeing our secrets in the event that the phone falls into their hands, Whereas, applications such as WhatsApp, and facebook messenger, Or call logs are important and should be protected from tampering.

Best password lock app for Android 2022

Locking apps with a secret number or fingerprint is the only useful way through which you can prevent anyone from stealing your data and see your secrets from photos, videos, conversations, chats, and others, So, here are some of the best app lock programs for Android, which are as follows:

LOCKit Apps

This application is considered the best application lock program because it has a lot of features and improvements that make it an effective tool to protect your privacy and prevent others from spying on you and knowing your important secrets from photos, and videos, Among its features:

  • Lock apps with a pattern to prevent anyone from bypassing the protection, He will only be able to do this by drawing the pattern to be able to access the application and see what is inside it.
  • Complete and comprehensive privacy protection by protecting important applications and programs such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Clubhouse and others with a secret number or pattern to prevent anyone from tampering with it.
  • It takes selfies of people trying to access your apps.
  • It is the best fingerprint app lock software in addition to the pattern and other security and protection tools that you will be able to get if you download it on your Android phone.
  • Hide photos and videos privately.
  • It has free closing pages that you can choose from as you see fit.

The application is available on the Google Play Store, click here to download it on your Android smartphone with a direct link.



We are still with the best app lock software for Android, AppLock is one of the most popular applications used to protect smartphone applications from intruders. The application has garnered millions of downloads and downloads through the official stores. It has many features that make it the best:

  • You can lock your apps and programs with a variety of security methods, including code, pattern, or password protection.
  • It protects your photos, videos and private data completely and strongly by encrypting them.
  • The app is free you can get for free, With a number of internal purchases within the app itself.
  • The application has a number of other advantages, such as hiding the application while preventing uninstallation, an important feature that prevents a person from breaking the protection provided by the program on your phone.
  • It takes a picture of the intruder or intruder who wants to access your information.

The application is available on the Google play store, click here to download it to your Android mobile device.

Norton App Lock

Norton is not only an antivirus as you know, It is also an application that protects your applications, photos, and videos from snoopers and miscreants. It is considered the best free app lock software through a number of protection and security methods such as pattern protection, PIN codes, or through pattern fees.

In addition to the above, The application will take a picture of any intruder who wants to unprotect the program, With the uninstall feature available to prevent anyone from deleting the app and jailbreaking photos and videos, click here to go to the store to download it from there.

Keepsafe Photo Vault

Another free app, Keepsafe App Lock, is the best app lock program with code, pattern, and other protection and security methods. It also supports fingerprint protection. and stereotypes.

The application is available on the Google play store, click here to download it on the smartphone, the latest version and a direct link to start protecting your photos and videos, With the feature of preventing uninstallation and taking pictures of intruders and strangers.


FingerSecurity App

This application has garnered millions of downloads from the Google Play Store. It is the best fingerprint app lock program as it is clear from its name, It gives you complete protection for photos, videos and other sensitive things that you want to protect from prying hands.

The application is available for free on the store with a premium paid version that provides you with additional features that you may want, But you have to pay in order to get it, In any case, the application has a lot of free features that you can discover for yourself, click here to download it now, It has the same features as AppLock Fingerprint and Fingerprint Login PassKey Lock available for iPhone iOS.

At the conclusion of our article for today, we learned about the best application lock software for Android in 2022, It is among the best apps to lock and protect photos, videos, chats and other sensitive things that we don’t want strangers to get into.