Best math problem solving software for Android and iPhone

Solving complex math problems is one of the most annoying problems for a large segment of people. It was difficult for us to solve complex mathematical problems in the past, But today, thanks to the development of technology and technology, this problem has been solved and it is possible to solve any mathematical problem with ease.

Today, with a large number of applications and programs that help in solving mathematical and arithmetic problems, It has become easy for us to solve assignments and lessons in a matter of seconds. And in today’s article, we will learn about the best programs for solving math problems in Arabic and for all stages.

Best math problem solving software for Android and iPhone in 2022

If you are among the people who complain about the problem of difficulty in solving a mathematical problem, Smartphones and the technology used in them have solved the problem at its root. In our article for today, we will review the best applications that will make it easier for you to solve math problems for free and quickly, They are as follows:

Microsoft Math Solver app

This application is considered among the best applications for solving arithmetic and mathematical problems of all kinds, It is included in many fields and subjects, including algebra. trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics and other materials.

This application is based on artificial intelligence technology, All you have to do is write the math problem on the phone screen inside the application, or use the camera to shoot it directly, It is the best free math problem solving software with photography. And then wait until the completion of the solution of the issue, which does not take much time.

The application is available on the Google play store, and you can get it with a direct link . Click here to download the free Microsoft Math solving program of all kinds.

Photomath app

This application is considered the best math problem solving program for 2022 that you can get, It relies on augmented reality technology to solve problems. Where you can use your phone’s camera to solve any kind of mathematical equations such as algebra, statistics, And the calculus and other materials by photographing them to get the answer immediately with clarification of the solution steps for each problem separately.

The program is available on Android phones and iPhones running iOS, You can download it on the Google Play Store for Android, click here .

Mathway App

(Mathway) or in English Math Problem Solver saves you a lot of time and effort in solving mathematical problems and equations in many areas such as algebra, calculus, integration, statistics, solve decimals, Solve mathematical drawings and other things.

The application relies on artificial intelligence technology, as is the case in other applications, You can photograph the problem or the arithmetic equation to be solved directly using the phone’s camera, And wait until you get the instant result.

Compatible with iPhone and Android systems as well. You can download the Mathway Scan Photos Solve Problems application through the official store on Android click here , and on the iTunes App Store for iPhone click here .

Geometry solver

If you encounter any problem in solving mathematical and engineering problems, Geometry solver app is the solution to this problem, The application is characterized by ease of use and speed in solving problems and mathematical equations on the phone in Android and iPhone.

The application is available on the App Store in the iTunes App Store . Click here to download the program on your mobile device and start solving math problems without any difficulty.


A site for solving math problems for all levels

Apart from smartphone apps for Android and iPhone, You can use websites via Internet browsers on your computer or laptop, There are many websites that help you solve math problems with ease.


It is an internet search engine. But it differs from any other search engines in that it answers the questions that are asked to it, You can write any mathematical problem or equation to get your answer explained in detail within the results that appear in front of you.

The website is easy to use and uncomplicated, All you have to do is write what you want in the box provided, and then click on enter, And wait until you get the result, click here to visit the site via your browser on your computer or using smartphone browsers, It is the best site for solving math problems with photography, where you can upload images via the (Upload) button.

Finally, In today’s article, we learned about the best math problem solving program for Android and iPhone for 2022, Which is a set of applications and programs available on the official stores and you can download them and take advantage of its benefits to get any arithmetic and engineering equations very quickly.