How to make a sponsored advertisement on Facebook for free

Advertising through the Internet, with its various websites and social media platforms, has become one of the best steps that product owners and institutions can easily gain customers through, as e-marketing increases sales. In the following lines, we will learn how you can make a funded advertisement on the Facebook platform for the year 2022 Free and without any financial fees.

Facebook sponsored ads

The Facebook application is considered one of the largest electronic platforms that contains the largest number of users, who numbered 2 billion users around the world. Therefore, your ad through Facebook will be guaranteed to be 90% successful, as this application works to reach the largest possible number of target groups based on interests, residential area and user type, whether man or woman, and so on. Usually, Facebook ads appear in the right column of the user’s page, and there are many ways that you can use in order to make a successful sponsored ad through the Facebook application, but the best way is through Boost post.

How to make a sponsored ad on Facebook for free

You can make a sponsored advertisement on the Facebook platform application completely free of charge and without paying any financial fees only through the Market place, by going through several steps:

  • Log in to the Facebook application through a smartphone or through a computer and laptop.
  • At the top of the application page you will find the Store tab, click on it.
  • And then you have to click on the three-line icon in the top left of the page.
  • Click on the More icon until you see the button for the store or Market place.
  • A new list will appear, click on the Create new sales list button.
  • Now you have to specify all the data and information about your product such as clothes, goods and others, You can also sell your home, car and phone through this store.

Steps to complete your ad on Facebook Store

After completing the above-mentioned steps in order to make a funded advertisement for free via the Facebook application on the Market place, you will have to go through some complementary steps for the previous paragraph, which are:

  • After writing all the data related to your ad on the Facebook Market place, Facebook will require you to add an advertisement for the product you are selling, and a maximum of 10 images must be added.
  • Write a headline for the product you’re selling, and make sure it’s an attractive headline for the customer.
  • There is a price field in which you must write the price of the product, and it is preferable that the price be real.
  • Select the product category, whether it is shoes, cars, clothes, etc.
  • There is a special box for the description, explain the full description of the product.
  • And through the tags field, make references to products that are similar to yours.
  • You must specify the number of pieces and quantities available and available from your product.
  • After completing all the previous steps, click on the Submit box to upload the ad on Facebook.

And here we have come with you to the conclusion of this article, in which we talked about how to make a funded advertisement on the Facebook Face book social networking platform for the year 2022 completely free of charge and without imposing any financial fees on you, whether you are an independent product owner or affiliated with a company and commercial institution.