Trading Academy in Evest Online Trading Platform

working stock trading platform Evest is a reliable company to provide everything that an investor needs in the Arab countries in order to facilitate his investment operations in one place, In order to increase his chances of winning. For this, the Evest platform provides a free trading academy.

What does Evest Academy provide for investors?

Evest Academy offers a wide variety of courses, Which is divided as follows:

1- Educational and introductory courses:

This group includes:

  • Learn the basics: It consists of 6 lessons from the introductory educational courses
  • Trading terms: It consists of five lessons
  • Advanced lessons: These are 7 lessons where you learn some of the most advanced ideas on the market
  • Economics Laws: These are 6 lessons that introduce you to the global economy and how it affects the capital markets
  • Electronic Communication Network: These 4 lessons are an introduction to the electronic communication network. It is an important and necessary tool for electronic communication network brokers, In order to explain the reasons why this network is a good network for trading
  • Social Trading: It is a series of 6 lessons that help understand social trading, its aspects and how it works
  • Metatrader courses: It consists of 5 lessons in this field
  • Mobile Metatrader Application: These are 6 lessons to teach you how to trade via your mobile device.

2- Advanced educational courses:

In this series a trading platform takes you to a more advanced set of lessons, They are as follows:

  • Advanced level: They are 6 lessons covering trading tools geared for expert trading
  • CFDs and Shares: It is one lesson that teaches you the advantages and disadvantages of contracts for difference and shares
  • Strategies: Here are 10 lessons on new strategies and ways to help you increase your profits
  • Beginners: Which includes 4 in-depth lessons on trading, forex, important terms and more.

3- E-books:

In addition to all of the above, The Evest Online Trading Platform provides a set of important e-books in the world of trading, Including:

  • trading market
  • Terms e-book
  • Beginners Strategies E-Book
  • Terminology e-book.

Reasons to join the academy

After learning about what the academy offers, What prompts you to subscribe to it?

  1. Completely free courses.
  2. Courses to suit all traders and their experiences.
  3. Easy and smooth Arabic language courses that are understandable to all.
  4. In order to increase the chances of your earnings.

Here we conclude our article in which we discussed information about one of the most famous online trading platforms, which is the global Evest platform, As well as with regard to its services that it provides to investors through the Professional Trading Academy.