A full explanation of the difference between PUBG Steam and PUBG Mobile

The Pubg game has become one of the most famous electronic games in the whole world, where millions of young men and women play it, but many of them wonder about the difference between the game, which is PUBG Steam, which can be played through a computer, and PUBG Mobile, which is used through smartphones, This is what we will discuss with you in the following lines, so we advise you to follow the topic to the end.

About the Pubg game

Pubg is an electronic game that is played through the use and connection of the Internet. As it is a simulation game in which the player fights on the battlefield against his enemies in the game using various weapons and the goal is to rise in the levels of the game until reaching the highest level and taking advantage of the advantages that exist in it, You can play the PUBG game either alone or in a group with your friends. You can also play it through the mobile, which is the PUBG Mobile game, or through the computer, which is known as the PUBG Steam game, but there is a big difference between the two games.

What is the difference between pubg steam and pubg mobile

There is a big difference between the PUBG Mobile game and the PUBG Steam game, although the game is one, but the operating system differs in Steam from PUBG Mobile, and these differences in the two games are:

pubg steam game

PUBG Steam is one of the paid electronic games, as its cost to the user reaches $ 30 in order to get all the privileges in it, The most important information about this game:

  • Only 99 players participate in this game while playing.
  • You can change the perspective in the game however you like between first or third person.
  • You can choose the players you want to play with, whether professional or novice.
  • You can select the landing method and change it to your liking and you can also choose the landing place.
  • This game does not provide any help of any kind.
  • There is an outstanding selection of weapons of the highest quality and efficiency.
  • You will get a cash prize every time you win a match.
  • It will be difficult to control the game at first but as you go you will be a pro.

pubg mobile game

PUBG Mobile is the most downloaded and used game in various countries of the world and is very different from PUBG Steam. The most prominent information about it is:

  • Using the game on mobile allows you to change the gameplay perspective faster.
  • You can arrange the players better through the mobile, which makes you resist your enemies strongly.
  • Through the mobile, you can get help from all your friends.
  • The PUBG mobile game is easy to control compared to the computer.
  • You need PUBG Mobile for a specific operating system, either Android or iOS.
  • The mobile memory should be sufficient as you need a large space for downloading, and the RAM should be high.

With this amount of talk, we have finished explaining the difference between the PUBG Steam game that can be played through the computer and the PUBG Mobile game that is used through smart phones, We also introduced you to important information about this game.