How to locate the phone by serial number

Many of us are constantly exposed to attempts to steal, and some of them may succeed. The most stolen personal belongings are smart phones, Therefore, the search is increasing on the steps to locate the phone through the serial number, as this method sometimes helps to reach the stolen phone and its success rate reaches 90%, so through the following lines we will learn with you how to locate the phone if you are stolen, through the use of Serial number.

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There is more than one way through which an individual can locate his smartphone, regardless of the type of phone, whether iPhone or Android, But the method of locating the phone through the use of the serial number is the most successful method, as it does not take much time to know the location of the phone, This service is one of the most useful services provided by phone manufacturers and has worked a lot to develop it. It is worth noting that tracking and locating the phone requires you to be familiar enough with its serial number and then follow the methods intended to use it.

What is the serial number of the phone?

The serial number is a 15-digit code, and these numbers are very distinct in the sense that it is impossible to repeat them in any other phone, and the serial number is known by the short IMEI, The serial number is for one SIM of the phone, but if your phone has two SIMs, it will definitely have two numbers, Usually the serial number is on the phone box, but you can know it in more than one way through the phone itself.

How to know the serial number through the list of contacts

By doing a simple set of steps on your mobile phone, you will be able to know the phone’s serial number, These steps are:

  • Log in on your phone and open the contacts menu.
  • And then you have to write the following code, which is *#06#, and in Arabic you write “star window zero six window”.
  • Call this code and wait for a few seconds.
  • On the phone screen, you will see a number called IMEI/MEID, and this is the phone’s serial number.
  • Record this number and you should keep it for use when needed.
  • If you have two SIM cards on the phone, you must repeat the previous steps through the second SIM as well, in order to keep the serial number of each SIM.

How to know the serial number through the settings

Through the phone settings, you can also easily identify the serial number of your phone, and the steps are:

  • You must first enter the phone menu.
  • And then click on the Settings icon.
  • You will see a list full of options, click on the about phone icon.
  • Then you have to click on the Status tab, and from here a number will appear in the name of IMEI / MIED, and this is the serial number of your phone.
  • Save it for later use.

How to locate the phone by serial number

By using the serial number, you can carry out the process of locating and tracking your phone easily through several methods developed by smart phone manufacturers, These methods are:

The first way to locate the phone with the serial number

If you have already had your phone stolen and you want to restore it again with the serial number, in this case you must take any other phone from one of your friends or relatives urgently to start the steps to retrieve the phone, But it is worth noting in this method that your stolen phone must have internet service, in addition to the location technology being activated on it, The steps are:

  • Unlock the phone and go to the Andriod device manager icon.
  • And then you have to enter gmail and open your own account and it must be the same account that works on the stolen phone.
  • Write the serial number of your stolen phone.
  • From here, you will find the location of the stolen phone via Map.
  • Through this method, you can also find out the last contacts you spoke to.
  • You can also format the phone in order to protect all your data.

The second way to locate the phone with the serial number

This method is characterized as one of the effective ways to find the stolen phone through the serial number, which is to download an electronic anti-theft application. The application is known as Hammer Security. This site has many advantages that you must download immediately on the phone, and these advantages are:

  • The application finds the stolen phone from the serial number.
  • The application protects your phone in case the thief locks it.
  • The application captures an instant photo of the thief and then sends it to your email.
  • The application sends the phone’s location to your email.
  • You can specify the contacts you wish to communicate with in any emergency.
  • The application provides all its services for free and does not consume a lot of phone space and battery.
  • You can access the application link from here .

The third way to track the phone with the serial number

This method helps you to recover your stolen phone through the serial number by using some websites that provide you with this feature. Immediately, With the caveat that the internet and the site must be activated on the stolen phone, and the sites are:

  • The Trakimei website, and you can access it from here .
  • Numbering plans website. You can also access this website from here .
  • website and access to this website from here .

And here we have come with you to the conclusion of this topic, in which we talked about a distinct group of the best ways to locate the phone by using the serial number, So, you should keep the serial number of your phone before it gets stolen.