How to combine PDF files into one file

Many of us, especially those who have many PDF files on their devices, whether they are for their work or studies, need a safe way that enables them to collect PDF files in one file, However, some of them find it very difficult to do this, and through the following lines of this article, we will provide you with a full explanation that contains all the information related to this matter, so we advise you to follow this article to the end.

Create compact PDF files

You can use the Combine files tool to combine Word, Excel, or Powerpoint files, as well as PDF files, audio files, web pages, or video files. Acrobat helps you preview and arrange documents before you create the file. You can also delete Pages you don’t want to exist or move single pages from any document that are anywhere between the pages you’re merging but the most important feature of Acrobat is that it converts pages from different files to other pages that are consecutive in a PDF file one pdf.

How to combine PDF files into one file

Through a simple set of steps, you will be able to combine a number of PDF files into one file, These steps are:

  • First, click on the Tools icon in the PDF file.
  • Secondly, click on the Combin files icon and a new interface and toolbar will appear at the top of the page.
  • Thirdly, you must withdraw all files or emails, You can click on the Add files option, which will help you to add files and documents of various types, knowing that all files must be in pdf format.

Pdfelement way to combine files into one file

This method is considered one of the easiest ways that gives you the opportunity to combine a group of PDF files into one file only. The method of use is:

  • First you have to run the program and open it.
  • Secondly, click on the Arrow icon in the top left of the page in order to access the main page of the program.
  • Third, a new page will appear with a set of icons on the Home tab, click on the Combine files option, as it will immediately add the group of PDF files into one file.

And here we have come with you to the end of this article, in which we talked about how to collect PDF files in one file, where we have presented you with more than one method that can help you do this easily and in simple steps.