The best site to download English fonts for iPhone

iOS phone users are always looking for many programs that suit the operating system of their phones, especially English fonts programs that make the form of writing very attractive, There are many fonts that you can download from the best English fonts download site for iPhone phones, and through this article we will introduce you to the best of these sites, which you can use safely and confidently.

Sites to download English fonts for your iPhone

There are many websites that can be used and accessed in order to download many English fonts for your iPhone, but it is worth noting that you must first make sure that this site is 100% safe and secure or not?, This is to prevent your device from being infected with any viruses that may slow down its work later. In the following paragraphs, we will present to you the best sites for offering English fonts.

Font squirrel

This site is one of the best websites specialized in this field, as it has many advantages that make you accept to use it. It is a free site that does not charge the user any fees. In addition, it is a licensed and secure site and provides many decorative English fonts.

Font squirrel website link

You can enter this site specialized in offering wonderful English fonts for iPhone users and download fonts from it for free from here .

Dafont’s website

This site is also one of the 100% trusted and trusted sites so do not be afraid to enter it as it provides you with an excellent set of decorative English fonts and Dafont as an English fonts website provides all the fonts on it for free meaning that it does not charge any financial fees to users at all.

Dafont website link

You can visit the Dafont website, see hundreds of types of English fonts, and download your favorite font from here .

Abstract fonts website

This site is characterized by the fact that it provides users with more than 1000 types of English fonts in more than 80 categories, and the Fuzzy font is one of the most popular types of fonts on it, The most distinctive feature of this site is that it does not require you to register on it in order to download fonts, but leaves it to the user’s desire.

Abstract fonts website link

It is easy for you to enter on this site and start downloading any type of English font you prefer, but first you will have to click on the official website link from here .

Urbanfonts . website

Urbanfonts is a website specialized in offering various decorative English fonts that are suitable for iPhone phones. This site features more than 8000 free English fonts, in addition to a wide list of decorative Arabic fonts that you can use on any type of smartphone.

Urbanfonts website link

This site has separate sections known as Free fonts and another section called Dingbats, which have great English fonts, and you can access them through the official website link from here .

Other sites for English fonts for iPhone

There is another group of modern websites that also specialize in offering a huge list of English fonts in addition to another group of Arabic fonts. These sites are:

Fawn’s website

Fawnt is a website that provides many English fonts, and professionals and beginners or designers can use these fonts in their work, as there are more than ten thousand English fonts, and it is distinguished that all fonts in it are free fonts, meaning that it does not impose any material fees on users to enable them to font download, You can visit this site and download fonts from it here .

FontZone site

This site is one of the best sites for English fonts, because all the fonts in it can be used in many things such as designs and writing boards, It can be relied upon in writing novels or used by developers in their work and for various other purposes. This site is distinguished by the fact that there are thousands of fonts, and you can find them all from here .

Font Struct . website

Font Structure is one of the modern English font sites, but it was able to get ahead of many of the old sites, as it provides a huge number of decorative fonts, whose number exceeded 50 thousand fonts with high quality and accuracy, and they can be used only through the operating systems iOS, Windows and Mac, and you can visit the site from here .

Website Fonts 1001

Fonts 1001 is one of the most famous English font sites on the Internet. This site contains more than 7000 ornate English fonts, but it is worth noting that all of these fonts are not officially available for commercial use, but it is distinguished that all of its fonts are free, and you can access the site from here .

And here we have come with you to the conclusion of this article, in which we talked about the best site to download English fonts for iPhone phones, Where we have presented to you more than one distinct and specialized site in this field, in addition to their official links.