Top 5 Free Large File Upload Sites

In many cases, you need to send some files or documents to friends or any other device, but without the need to upload these files to storage services, as these services require you to register first and then go through several steps, But now there are many websites that upload large files completely free of charge, and this is what we will discuss with you in the following lines.

Large file upload site

Electronic file upload sites work to upload files and documents or send them of various types, whether small or large in size, without the need for special storage services. These sites have many advantages, most notably:

  • These sites help you to upload any files on the Internet.
  • It also helps you share files with other devices.
  • You can use this program without creating an account or logging in to it.
  • The user of the program may need to hash the file or upload it to services such as

Best large file upload sites

There are many external websites that you can use to upload large files or share them with any other devices. The best of these sites are:

Filemail site

This site is considered one of the best websites where you select files or write any e-mail to any of your friends. This program is distinguished by the fact that it does not force you to a specific size of this program, in addition to its extreme speed, and you can download this file through the direct link from here .

Filehosting website

This site is one of the very easy websites to use in order to upload large files, as its interface is designed in a simple way so that it is uncomplicated for all users, You can access and use this site from here .

Upload files site

This site is not less than other sites in terms of advantages and uses at all, as it allows you to upload files of various types, but it is worth mentioning here that it allows you to use it to a certain size, which is 5 GB, but it is very easy to use, You can upload the files through the direct website link from here . . site

This program is distinguished from other programs in that it allows you to upload files to a very large size, and the maximum upload size is 10 GB, As for the rest of the program’s advantages, it is similar to other sites in ease of use and a simple designed interface. You can upload the videos to this site from here .

Send firefox site

This site is also a specialized website for uploading files or sharing them with other devices, but this site is only intended for Firefox, and the size available through which to upload files is very small compared to other programs, because its size is 1 GB. You can access this site from here .

Other file upload sites

There are many other sites that upload files. Among these sites are:

  • Wetransfer program.
  • Mail Big file program.
  • Wetransfer program.
  • Dropsend.
  • Hightail Program.

And here we have come with you to the conclusion of this article, in which we talked about the best external websites that you can use in the process of uploading large files, We have also listed to you the most important advantages of these programs, the most important of which is that these programs provide all their services free of charge.