Best Steps and Calorie Count for Android

Many followers of a specific diet and diet need an electronic program on their phone that helps them calculate the number of steps in addition to calories, as there are many of these programs now, after smart phones have developed and include a Gyroscope as well as a GPS sensor, and through the following lines of this article we will learn On the best of these programs and we will show you how to use it in simple and easy steps.

How does step and calorie counting software work?

Programs for calculating calories and steps work through smartphones through some basics, as these programs have what is known as a gyroscope and GPS, in addition to an accelerometer, which in turn senses movement near any walking movement, so it immediately records this movement on the phone and continues to follow Recording until the phone user stops walking.

Best step and calorie counting software for Android

There are many electronic programs that are available to use through Android phones in order to easily calculate the number of walking steps or calculate calories. The best of these programs that we advise you to use are:

Steps App

This program is one of the best electronic programs that can be used for calculating the steps and distances covered during daily activities or doing exercises. This program offers you many advantages that make you prefer to use it instead of any other program. In your diet, including the calories you burn.

Steps Ap download link

You can start using the program after you specify the goal you want to reach, After you have finished downloading and installing the program on your Android phone, click here .


This program is also one of the distinguished programs in the field of calculating calories and the number of steps, as it provides you with calculating these things through the GPS sensor and is characterized by its distinctive and easy-to-use interface to suit all users, The program also provides you, after calculating the steps, to share your result with all your friends by publishing the result on your account on the social networking site.

Accupedo Download Link

Despite the many advantages that are available to the user through this program, However, its most disadvantage is that it drains a large percentage of the phone’s battery as a result of its use of all the sensors in it, You can download and install the program on your Android phone from here .

Other programs for counting steps and calories

There are a lot of programs and electronic applications available for use on Android phones to calculate steps and calories, Among them are:

  • Pedometer and step counter program.
  • Fitpit.
  • Moves . program
  • Noom walk program.
  • Argus program.
  • Zombies, run.
  • Runtastic steps.

And here we have come with you to the conclusion of this article, in which we talked about the best electronic program through which you can calculate the number of steps and calories for your Android phone, Where these programs are considered one of the most important programs for all athletes or those who follow a diet and diet to fit their body and improve their health condition.