Program for teaching writing on the Arabic keyboard without looking at it for free

The use of computers, laptops and the Internet has now become very widespread among everyone. There is no home, work office, educational or governmental institution in this era devoid of this device, but many users of these devices face a big problem, which is that they cannot deal with the keyboard quickly It helps them to save time, so in the following lines we will present to you the best electronic program designed to teach writing on the Arabic keyboard easily and without looking at it like a professional.

Keyboard learning program

There are many electronic programs that can be used now to learn to type on the keyboard of a computer or laptop very quickly, in addition to all of them supported in the Arabic language, which makes it easier for you to understand and deal with, But Rapid typing program is one of the best of these programs ever, where in this program you can become a professional typing on your computer in a very short period because it has many advantages and characteristics that made it the first and pioneer in its field.

Advantages of Rapid typing program

This program has a brilliant set of features and advantages that attract you to its use immediately, and for these advantages we have recommended to you first, among the most prominent of its advantages:

  • The program interface is designed in a simple and without any complexity in order to be suitable for professionals and beginners.
  • The program provides you with many languages so that you can learn to type on the keyboard in the language you want to learn.
  • The program offers a distinct set of lessons to learn.
  • The program provides its services completely free of charge.
  • The program supports work through all versions of the Windows operating system.
  • There are statistics in the program to know your level.

Information about Rapid typing program

When downloading any electronic program on your computer or laptop, you must know very well all the information about the program in order to make sure that it is suitable for the device, The most prominent information about this program are:

  • Program name: Rapid typing.
  • Software license: for free.
  • Program rating: educational program.
  • Software operating system: Windows systems.
  • Software version: 5,1.
  • Program size: 15.18 MB.
  • Software developer: pinokio soft.

Rapid typing software download link

This program is characterized as not taking up a huge space on your computer or laptop, because it is small in size, and you can now download and install it on your computer by clicking on the direct link to download from here .

And here we have come with you to the conclusion of this article, in which we talked about the program for teaching Arabic keyboard typing, where we brought you the Rapid typing program, which is one of the best free programs ever, as it will make you a professional in typing without looking at the keyboard.