What is the best program to read pdf files?

The PDF file is one of the most popular formats in which files and documents are saved. If you have a number of files, contracts, documents and e-books, you will definitely find it in PDF format, so all users of these files need a distinct program to read pdf files, and this is what we will discuss with you in the following lines From this article, do not miss to follow it to the end.

PDF Reader Software

There are many electronic programs dedicated only to reading PDF files, some of which can be used completely free of charge, and others require you to pay some financial fees that sometimes reach hundreds of dollars, whether with a monthly subscription or an annual subscription, But it works the same as free software. Where you read, edit, create and protect these PDF files, these electronic programs have many advantages that make you accept their use.

Advantages of PDF Reader

This program has many advantages that do not make you think of using any other, the most prominent of which are:

  • The program supports working in the Arabic language, in addition to the presence of many other languages in it.
  • There is a premium free version of the program that is not much less than the paid version, and we advise you to try it.
  • The program edits and creates files.
  • The program supports work through the Windows and Mac operating system.

What is the best program to read pdf files?

There are many electronic programs that you can use to read PDF files, and the most distinguished of these programs are:

Nitro pro pdf program

This program is one of the most distinguished and specialized programs in this field. It provides the user with many advantages. It allows you to view, create and edit PDF files, and you can also convert them to Word or Excel files, images, etc. This is in addition to being able to read PDF files and is characterized by its powerful interface that includes many commands But the most disadvantage of this program is that it is not free, but rather that it offers its services for a monthly or annual fee, and you can download it from here .

Sumatra pdf

This program is one of the most distinguished PDF readers, as it has many commands that will benefit you in this field. In addition, it is a free program that reads PDF files and supports many files including CBR, CBZ and XPS, and you can download this program from here .

Foxit pdf Reader

This program is considered one of the distinguished programs in reading PDF files, as it allows you to open, view and print files. This program has many advantages, most notably that it is easy to use suitable for amateurs and professionals. It is also a free program that does not impose any financial fees on users . .

Other PDF Readers

There are also other reliable programs for reading PDF files other than the programs we mentioned in the previous paragraphs, These programs are:

  • Adobe Reader.
  • Cool Pdf Program.
  • Javelin pdf reader free pdf.
  • Pdf – XChange.
  • Mupdf program.
  • Slim Pdf.
  • PDF Reader Premium.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader.

And here we have come with you to the conclusion of this article, in which we discussed the question of what is the best program to read pdf files.