Top 5 best photo upload sites with direct link 2022

Many people who use smart phones or electronic devices, whether at work or as a hobby, lose pictures, files and videos, and this bothers many of them because of the importance of these pictures and files to them. For this reason, in the following lines, we provide you with a group of the best websites that enable you to upload images and various types of files very quickly and through a direct link.

How websites work to upload images

Many users of smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops depend on the use of many websites that help them to upload photos, files and videos in order to keep a backup copy of them in order to prevent them from being at risk of losing them at any time and for any reason, It is worth noting that your photos and files can be obtained at any time you wish after keeping a copy of them on the image and file upload sites, which provide you with many advantages and characteristics.

The best sites for uploading images and files with a direct link

There are many websites that you can completely rely on to keep backup copies of your photos and all your files on your smartphone and computer, and the best of these sites that we advise you to use are:

Image Shak

Image Shack is considered one of the premium websites for uploading free photos until 2015 AD, but later on the site offered its paid services, but we advise you to use it due to the many features it contains, in addition to that it allows you to use it for 30 days completely free of charge until you know Get all the features on the site and then start dealing with the financial fees.

Image Shak . website link

Image Shack is characterized by allowing you the opportunity to upload large amounts of images at once, in addition to allowing you to share albums and enjoy many other advantages, You can access this site from here .

Free image hosting

Free Image Hosting is a free website that specializes in uploading images and files, and provides the user with many advantages that are found in paid websites. with it.

Free Image Hosting Website Link

This site is considered as a business directory for photography in the United States of America and is distinguished by the fact that it does not require you to create your own account in order to upload photos, and the maximum storage limit in it is 3 megabytes, and you can access the site from here .

Img box website

This site is also a free website through which you can upload images without creating an account, In addition, it allows you to choose the resolution of the image you want to upload to the site, This site is characterized by providing space and a large storage capacity for uploading images, which is 10 megabytes.

Image Box Website Link

This site is distinguished by the fact that you can upload images by clicking only one button on the Upload icon, in addition to allowing you to share the link, and you can enter the site from here .

Google Photos website

Google Photos is a site presented to you as a user through Google, which provides all its users with a large space to upload images and keep a backup copy of them, which amounted to 15 megabytes, so that you can share them from Gmail, which is one of the best and most secure sites ever.

Advantages of Google Images site

The advantages of the Google Photos site are not limited. In the beginning, this site is located on any smartphone and everyone can use it easily, and the most prominent advantages are:

  • A smart electronic tool that organizes photos automatically.
  • It syncs with any other Google account you have.
  • It is a compact and completely free photo editing site.

Other sites to upload photos and files quickly

There is another list of sites that provide you with the advantages of uploading images very quickly, and the most prominent of these sites are:

  • Post images.
  • Wix website.
  • Dropbox website.
  • 500 px website.
  • Flickr website.
  • Imgur website.

And here we have come with you to the conclusion of this article, in which we talked about the best websites from which you can upload and backup photos, files and videos, whether on your smartphone or computer, very quickly and through the use of the direct link.