The best way to upload large files with a direct link from the mobile

Many Internet users are looking for distinct websites that help them to upload large files easily and quickly through a direct link, As this service is one of the most frequently asked services by a very large number of people, Through the following lines in this article, we will introduce you to the best way in which you can upload large files from the mobile and through a direct link.

How to upload large files

There is a lot of research by smart phone users who usually need to upload files of very large size to ways and means to help them to upload these files by relying on direct links and very quickly, Through this article, we will provide you with all the details related to this topic and everything related to it, so we advise you to follow our next paragraphs to the end.

Best way to upload large files from mobile

There is one ideal way to help you to upload very large sizes of files by using your mobile phone and that is the availability of many websites that allow you this feature, Among the best and surest of these sites that we advise you to use are:

Up to box

This site is considered one of the best websites that you can use to upload files by relying on a direct link. The site allows you to download files from any other site and not from your smart device. In addition, the site allows you to transfer files to other devices. Without facing any complications.

Up To Box Website Link

Up to Box provides users with many advantages that anyone can need while they wish to upload and download files, and you can access this site from here .

File Hosting Website

This site is one of the distinguished and wonderful sites that work on uploading and downloading various types of files, especially large-sized files. 25 GB.

Filehosting website link

Through this site, you can easily profit from it through a specific number of downloads that you must perform, and you can enter this site to enjoy all its advantages from here .

Golf Up Gulf Up

This site is one of the first and leading sites in the field of uploading large files and is characterized by many characteristics, advantages and advantages that made a very large number of users turn to use it, It provides you with a large storage capacity of 1 GB and keeps files for a very long time.

Golf Ab website link

By using this site, you can upload large-sized files of all kinds, whether images, videos, or other files. You can access this site from here .

B Cloud Site

Be Cloud is one of the websites that also specializes in uploading files that have a very large size, through the use of a direct link, and it has many advantages, most notably that it provides a very large storage space, which reached 10 GB, in addition to that it has a very fast upload speed In addition to being a free program, it can also double your storage size up to 20 GB.

bcloud website link

This program has countless advantages while uploading files of large size through the mobile phone, as it can be used through this direct link, as well as its speed and interface, which is designed in a very simplified manner. You can enter the site and use it to upload files from here .

Other sites to upload files from mobile

The sites for downloading files from the mobile were not limited to those that we mentioned in the previous paragraphs only. In fact, there are many other websites that offer the same advantages and characteristics as the previous sites, including:

  • Media Fire website.
  • Ubera website.
  • Yandex website.
  • 4 Shared website.
  • Saber Cat website.
  • Anon File website.
  • File Transfer website.
  • File Send website.
  • Anonymous File Website.
  • website.

And here we have come with you to the conclusion of this article, in which we discussed the best way for the user to upload large-sized files, through a direct link and via mobile, in easy and simple steps and without facing any complications.