All letters of the Ruq’ah line from A to Z

Al-Raqqa font is among the modern Arabic fonts that were invented by the Ottomans in the year 1863 AH. This font is characterized by many advantages that made it one of the most Arabic fonts that people use in writing because of its ease of writing and ease of reading. In the following lines, we will introduce you to all the letters of the Raq’ah font from A to Z, and we will also tell you how to learn to write these letters easily.

patch line letters

Al-Raqqa line letters are among the most easy to write and read, as they are far from complicated in drawing them, and the sizes of these letters are weighted by point. In the narrowest cases, it is formed with the exception of the Qur’anic verses. Al-Raq’a font is one of the Arabic fonts commonly used in various countries of the Arab world. Its letters are curved and slightly slanted, and sometimes intermittently straight. The letters of the Ruq’ah line are usually written in an obscure manner, taking into account some important rules in writing them, and this is what we will explain in the next paragraph.

Teaching the letters of the patch line

It is very easy for an individual to start learning to write all the letters of the Ruqa’ah script, as it is not a complicated matter. In the beginning, it should be noted that all letters of the Ruq’ah script when writing them are blurred, except for only two letters, the letter Fa and the letter Qaf in only one place, which is the middle of the speech, meaning that they come at the beginning of the speech. The word or its ending is also written obscurely, As for the position of the letters of the patch line on the line, the letters are usually written in the patch above the line, with the exception of the letter Haa while writing it only in the middle of the word. As well as the letters “J, H, K, A, G, M” if they fall at the end of the word or separate, As for the basic rule in writing letters in the rak’ah script, the writer’s hand must be tilted while writing and holding the pen, meaning that he tilts it downward and writes from right to left.

patch line training models

While writing the patch line, the point must be taken into account, because it is the unit of measurement for letters and their balance. As for the letter Alif, in which the fingers are pulled when writing towards the palm of the hand, and the length of this letter is usually the length of three vertical points. This is in addition to the rule for writing the letters Baa, Taa and Thaa, which is very similar to drawing the letter in Naskh script. In the following pictures, there are distinct models to learn the calligraphy of the patch professionally and to practice writing all the letters easily and conveniently.

And here we have come with you to the conclusion of this article, in which we talked about all the letters of the Raq’a font from A to Z, where we got to know with you the forms of letters and the way to learn them easily and without facing any complications.