Best Arabic font design for iPhone

Many iOS phone users need many Arabic fonts that give a unique touch and an attractive appearance to the phone, as the Arabic language has many forms and types of fonts that are available on various electronic programs, Through the following lines, we will introduce you to the best Arabic font for design on iPhone phones.

Arabic fonts for design

The Arabic language is distinguished by the fact that it includes vast seas that contain a lot of science and knowledge, and among its miracles is that it includes many Arabic scripts, such as the Thuluth script, the Kufic script, the Naskh script, and the Ruq’a script. It is worth noting that there are many electronic programs available on the online store for smart phones, specifically the iPhone, through which you can use various Arabic fonts in writing and different designs in more than one way.

Best Arabic font design for iPhone

If you browse the online store for smart phones running the iOS operating system, you can find many electronic programs that include many different Arabic fonts that are used in designs, Among these programs are:

Inist Arabic program

If you are looking for a distinguished Arabic program, you will certainly be surprised by this program, because it provides more than 120 Arabic fonts that can be used in different designs, in addition to that it provides wonderful effects and modifications to the font while writing. The written text can also be deleted at any time. You can download the program through direct link from here .

Text Arabic program

This program is considered one of the most distinguished programs in Arabic calligraphy programs for designs, because this program includes many various advantages that made many iPhone users to use it, and the best of these advantages is that the program includes more than 80 Arabic fonts and nearly 60 Arabic backgrounds This is in addition to providing a lot of modifications and effects to the fonts, and you can download the program through the direct link from here .

Phonto – Text on photo

This program is one of the distinguished programs available for use through iPhone phones, as it provides many Arabic fonts that can be used for different designs, in addition to using them to write on images, This program is distinguished by the fact that it includes nearly 400 types of fonts, including Muhannad and Wavy, This is in addition to the possibility of making many modifications and placing effects on the line. You can download this program from here .

Arabic calligraphy programs for designs

Electronic programs that provide many types of Arabic fonts are not limited to what we have mentioned, but there are other programs, Among them are:

  • Arabic Fonts program.
  • Ana Khattat For iPhone program.
  • Medad Persian and arabic texts with great fonts.

And here we have come with you to the conclusion of this article, in which we talked about the best Arabic font that you can use to design on different iPhone types, So if you are a fan of diversifying the use of fonts, you can use any of the previous fonts.