Download Anime Slayer app for iPhone and PC

There are anime movies and series lovers and lovers from different countries of the Arab and Western world, Where many iPhone users search for a distinct program that provides them with episodes of these series through the App Store. It is worth noting that the App Store does not support these programs and does not provide them because of their violation of its policy, but today we will provide you with the opportunity to download the Anime Slayer application for iPhone phones and computers from Through Chinese online stores, we advise you to follow this article to the end.

Anime Slayer for iPhone

Anime Slayer for iPhone is the distinguished program that we recommend to all iPhone users to use, specifically the category that is interested in watching all the anime series and movies. Drslayer is the first program that gives you access to all Anime Slayer programs.

Features of Anime slayer for iPhone

This program is characterized by many and many advantages, all of which are available to everyone who loves to watch anime movies and series, The most prominent of these advantages are:

  • The program provides you with all the movies and episodes of old and modern anime series.
  • The program is a comprehensive library that allows you to see everything you want to see in anime.
  • The program supports work in Arabic for ease of use.
  • The program works through the iOS operating system.
  • The application contains its own servers to play movies and anime series.
  • The program is highly secure and does not affect the phone or its battery at all.
  • The program offers all its services for free and does not require a jailbreak.
  • The program works very efficiently through the version of iOS 13, iOS 9.

Download Anime Slayer app for iPhone

You can download this application by going through a set of steps, but you should be aware that all Chinese stores are making many modifications now, So it is possible to stop downloading the program at any time, If this happens to you, try again. And a link to download the program, you can open it from here .

Download Anmie Slayer for PC

The Anmie Slayer Downloader program works on computers and laptops also in the same way as it works and its operating system on iPhones running the iOS operating system, and you can download this program and follow all anime movies and episodes of its series on the computer through the direct link to download from here .

And here we have come with you to the conclusion of this article, in which we talked about how to download the Anime slyer Downloader application for iPhone and computers, We also explained to you how these programs work easily and conveniently.