Best Instagram Video Downloader for PC

Instagram is one of the electronic applications and social networking platforms with relatives and friends in various countries of the world, It is one of the applications used by a very large number of people because it allows users to publish their latest photos and videos, In addition to the ability to message others and many other advantages, It is worth noting that not all of its users know how to download videos from it on a computer, Therefore, in the following lines, we will present to you the best Instagram video downloaders for computers.

4K Stogram

If you are looking for an electronic program that helps you download various types of videos and photos on the Instagram application to your computer, we recommend you to use 4K Stogram, which is one of the best programs that provides you with many advantages in this field as it was able to be the pioneer and first in This is because it gives you the opportunity to follow an infinite number of Instagram users without facing any problems, and therefore you will be able to save all the photos and videos displayed to them.

Advantages of 4K Stogram

This program is characterized by many advantages that made it the best ever among the rest of the other programs, Among its most prominent advantages:

  • The program offers you the opportunity to mass download videos and images on the web.
  • Through the program, you can download complete accounts, various photos, as well as stories.
  • The program enables you to follow more than one account.
  • The program supports work through all Windows operating systems.
  • The program provides its services completely free of charge.

About 4K Stogram

It is necessary to inquire about all the information about any program you want to download, And the information of 4K Stogram is:

  • Program name: 4K Stogram.
  • Software version:
  • Software license: For free.
  • Program work: Supports work on all Windows 7, 8, 10, XP operating systems.
  • Program size: 27 Mg.

How to download 4K Stogram

With a simple set of steps, you will be able to download 4K Stogram to download Instagram photos and videos to your computer. The steps are:

  • Go directly to the direct link to download the program from here .
  • Click on the download box and wait for a few minutes for the download to complete.
  • Click on the program icon on the desktop to finish installing it.
  • You can now easily use the program to save photos and videos from Instagram.

Other programs to download videos from Instagram for iPhone

There are many programs and applications that you can rely on to download photos and videos from Instagram to iPhone phones, and the most prominent of these programs is the Video & Photo Downloader for instagram program. imposing any financial fees for its services.

How to download Video & Photo Downloader for instagram

By entering the App Store for the iPhone, you can download the Video & Photo Downloader for instagram program by typing the name of the program in the store’s search engine, Or you can download it directly through the following link

And here we have come with you to the conclusion of this article, in which we talked about the best electronic programs through which you can download videos or photos through the Instagram application to your computer and laptop, So if you need such a program, we recommend you to download 4K Stogram.