Best Azan app for iPhone

The five daily prayers are of great importance to every Muslim who observes them. Therefore, we find that the search for the best azan program for iPhone is one of the most searches through Google, In order to maintain the prayer on time without any delay, Fortunately, smart phone applications and programs have become an alarm clock for any Muslim who wants to keep his prayer up to date.

There are many programs available on the official stores for both Android and iPhone iOS phones that you can download and upload to your phone to keep in touch between you and God without any interruption, Wherever you are, In any geographic area in the world, you will be able to know the exact times of the call to prayer.

Best Azan app for iPhone 2022

The need for adhan programs is increasing day by day. Especially if the mosque is far from you or you were sleeping and did not hear the call to prayer from the prayers. The solution lies in downloading the prayer times with the call to prayer for free, through the applications that allow you this service, Here are the best of all:

Salatuk iPhone application

This program is considered the best azan program for iPhone for the year 2022, This is because it contains many features and improvements that make it the best in this field. It provides you with a lot of services, including reminding of the five daily prayers, evening remembrances, and morning prayers without interruption.

The application works according to your geographical location, That is why it is important to activate the GPS location option in order to save your settings, And then remind you in prayer when it comes by issuing an alarm sound telling you that the prayer has come and you must pray and worship your Lord, click here to download my prayer application on the iPhone.

Azan Azan application

This application supports many languages, including Arabic and English together. Through it, you can maintain your prayers on an ongoing basis, This is done by permanently alerting when one of the five daily prayers arrives.

It uses GPS technology in order to know your location and thus adjust your prayer times to remind you of them when they come, so that you can prepare for prayer and never be late. The program is characterized by simplicity and uncomplicatedness as you can deal with it easily and quickly without any complications at all. Click here to download the call to prayer program for iPhone with a direct link, It is your first choice if you are looking for the best azan software for iPhone for 2022.

It is worth noting that the Azan MP3 program is one of the wonderful programs that helps you listen to your favorite muezzin among many muezzins.

Golden Full Adan app for muezzin

This program is considered the best azan program for iPhone for the year 2022, This is because it has a number of great features, including:

  • Determine the direction of the qiblah in order to be able to pray correctly, especially if you are traveling in a foreign country.
  • listen to the ears fully, With the ability to turn off and on the muezzin at any time and make it just a small alert.
  • You can listen to the dhikr related to prayer, Especially the morning and evening remembrances. And other memorabilia.
  • The program provides you with the sounds of many muezzins.

You can download the program on your iPhone via a direct link . Click here to go to the iTunes App Store.

My Prayer . Application

My Prayer is one of the best applications of the call to prayer that you can download on your phone in the iOS operating system. Where the application has many advantages, including the feature of determining the direction of the qiblah, Remembering the five daily prayers with the possibility of changing the time as you see fit. Or leave it automatically, click here to download it to your phone.

Muslim Pro app

It is used by millions of Muslims around the world who want to keep their prayers on time. It is a program that provides you with an accurate prayer reminder, With the availability of the entire Holy Qur’an to be read and through an audio file in case you wish to listen to it by voice instead of reading it.

The application also has the Hijri and Gregorian calendar to organize your time according to the days of the week, With a Qibla locator in order to know the direction of your qiblah and to start praying on time, click here to download the Muslim Pro application for iPhone, the latest version.

Athan Pro

Through the Athan Pro or Athan Pro application, you can know the mosques near you in order to pray your prayers that have come to you, It is useful for you if you are traveling in a foreign country and want to pray. Not to mention that it alerts you about prayers immediately when they come, click here to download the most powerful azan program for iPhone.

To conclude our article for today, In it, we got acquainted with the best azan program for iPhone for the year 2022, Which is a set of programs available and available on the official Apple App Store iTunes, That is why we advise you to download it to your phone so that you can keep your prayers on time.