Top 5 Forex and Currency Trading Platforms in the World

Cryptocurrencies have been able to attract the minds and minds of many customers in the last year, after facing great suffering with doubts and investors’ belief that they are useless and have no value. But now the matter is very different, as its value has become more than 2 trillion dollars, and Bitcoin alone occupies 50%, as it is the most dominant currency and forex in the markets. Through the following lines, we will introduce you to the best platforms for trading currencies and forex in the entire world.

Forex and cryptocurrency trading

With the beginning of the next 2022, investors and speculators in the stock exchange expect that the digital currency, cryptocurrency and forex market will spread more among people; This is because he has become highly confident in achieving interest and profits. It is worth noting that there are many distinguished platforms in the entire world that are specialized only for trading forex and cryptocurrencies, Through the following paragraphs, we will discuss with you the best global platforms to practice this.

Best Global Forex & Currency Trading Platforms 2022

In the following paragraphs, we will provide you with the most important information about a group of the best global platforms for trading forex and currencies, which are:

Binance platform

The Binance platform is considered one of the best global platforms that specialized in trading forex and cryptocurrencies in various countries of the world, and it is one of the old platforms that was able to acquire the experiences in the markets, because it was founded nearly 5 years ago, specifically in 2017, by ” Changping Zhao.”

This platform is considered the largest crypto exchange in the entire world in terms of forex and cryptocurrency trading volumes, in addition to that it deals with 46 fiat currencies and offers a huge number of cryptocurrencies, including “Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin” and its work was not limited to this only, besides cryptocurrencies, it also deals with other currencies such as “Binance” which is the currency that investors use to pay and buy any other currencies.

It is worth noting that we have recommended this platform to you at the beginning of the list; This is because it was able to achieve many successes. In the year 2020, its profits amounted to 750 million dollars, and in 2021, its profits approached 700 million dollars. It is expected that in the next 2022, it will achieve double these profits.

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CoinBase platform

This platform comes in second place in the list of platforms dedicated to trading cryptocurrency and forex, which is the CoinBase platform; This is because it is one of the best and oldest platforms ever, as it was established in 2012 AD by the two partners, “Fred Ehrsam, Brian Armstrong” and this company started its dealings with an amount of $85 billion, which is a very large amount in the market, and it has increased nearly $8 billion, ten times the value of the amount that was used in 2018.

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In addition, CoinBase has a huge number of users, which is 56 million customers from different countries of the world, including nearly 8 million customers who deal with the platform regularly every month. In the first three months of 2021, this company was able to achieve high revenues, amounting to $1.8 billion.

Bittrex platform

The Bittrex platform is one of the best platforms for trading forex, crypto and digital currencies in the entire world. This platform was established in 2014 AD and is one of the good platforms that is preferred by novice clients and investors in the field of forex and currency trading due to its ease of use and the absence of any The complexities of this in addition to the speed of dealing with it is very large.

As for the reason we recommend this platform to you, it is because it offers competitive prices in the trading market, where the trading fees amounted to 0.34%, but this is for orders that are less than $25,000 only.

Kraken platform

The Kraken platform is one of the oldest global platforms dedicated to forex and cryptocurrency trading. It was established and started its activity since 2011 by “Jesse Powell”, a platform owned by Payword, and we have included this platform for you in the list because it is considered one of the most reliable platforms that provides security And sufficient confidence for customers and investors.

In addition, it is present in 176 countries worldwide, including 46 US states. In addition, the fees in which it is used to add is not very expensive and has decreased a lot until it reached 0.26%. In 2020, the Kraken platform achieved great popularity and spread until it became the first crypto company to take the charter of American government banking services.

Bitfinex platform

The Bitvitex platform is also one of the distinguished platforms in the field of forex and cryptocurrency trading, and it is a platform owned by Evenex Company that was established in 2012 AD. This platform has managed many digital and encrypted currencies and has more than one payment method, including bank transfer, cryptography or by debit And the use of bank cards, in addition to their low prices, which amounted to 0.10% for requests, but which are only less than 500 thousand dollars per month.

And here we have come with you to the conclusion of this article, in which we talked with you about a list that contains a group of the best platforms that are used in the trading of digital and cryptocurrencies and forex throughout the year, which we advise you to deal with if you are a favorite of currency and forex trading.