Best Money Investment Companies in Saudi Arabia 2023

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been able to occupy a very important position among the Arab countries in conjunction with the realization of Vision 2030 in all areas of life. Specifically, concerning the economy, it is one of the most important and powerful Arab countries.

This has helped it a lot to be the best in the trading and investment market in the Arab Gulf region, located in Saudi Arabia.

How To Invest Properly in Saudi Arabia?

There are many ways to invest in Saudi Arabia, and the matter is no longer limited to one aspect only. As there are now many methods made available by nearly 150 companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he calls on many experts and old investors in this field to try investing in the money market with the approach of 2022, after achieving great success in previous years.

Despite some fluctuations and changes in this market in recent periods, specifically after the Corona Covid 19 pandemic, it maintained its position and economic position in the Arab market in general and the Saudi market in particular.

Common Areas of Money Investments in Saudi Arabia

There are many areas in which you can invest your money with a sufficient guarantor to achieve a profitable return, such as:

  • Artificial intelligence and technology.
  • Agricultural and livestock wealth.
  • Fish wealth.
  • Marketing and commerce over the Internet.
  • Programming electronic applications via phone and computer.
  • Search and prospect for stores.
  • Food and store goods.
  • Petrochemicals, petroleum, refining and petroleum.

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Best Saudi Arabia Companies to invest money in 2023

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not limited to only one company in money investment and trading. Rather, this country contains a huge group of companies, consisting of approximately one hundred and fifty companies, perhaps more than this number.

This is a clear indication of the strength of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s economy in recent years. In the following paragraphs, we review with you the best investment companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabian Oil Company “Aramco”

The Saudi Arabian Oil Company, or what is known as Aramco, is one of the first companies to invest in its shares with a hopeful heart among the companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is one of the largest and largest companies that has distinguished itself in distributing profits to shareholders.

It is worth noting that Aramco can trade shares in two ways, either short or long term. It is a large company and has its position and position in the Saudi and Gulf market in particular, specifically among energy trading companies used in oil, gas, refining, chemicals, and the like.


SABIC Corporate is one of the best and most important leading companies in the field of petrochemicals located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;

This is because it has unprecedented huge rates of profits annually; the reason for this success is entirely due to the field in which this company specializes, as it is one of the best areas in which you can invest to achieve a satisfactory profit for you. Therefore, we advise you to try investing in SABIC and the various successful companies that work in this field.

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Qassim Cement Company

Qassim Cement is a Saudi Arabian company, one of the oldest and most prestigious companies specializing in the cement trade in Saudi Arabia. It has agents and branches in its various cities. This company is considered one of the best companies that offered its shares to investors to invest in it, because it used to increase its profits very dramatically every year compared to the previous year.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Qassim Cement Company was able to obtain a percentage of approximately 10% from the insurance fund and another percentage of the joint fund approximately 23% on an annual basis, and this has been happening with it since 1996 AD and its value is still rising until now.

Saudi Arabian Refineries Company

Saudi Arabian Refineries Company is one of the most important oil and petroleum companies in Saudi Arabia. In a very short time, this company was able to compete with Aramco in distributing profits in terms of investing money and offering shares to investors.

This company is considered one of the most trusted and 100% guaranteed companies in the Kingdom. Besides that, its field is one of the best fields in the Gulf and Saudi market; in particular, it is also a distinguished company with a permanent and gradual increase in profits.

Al Jouf Agricultural Development Co

Al Jouf Agricultural Development Co joins the list of the best investment companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically with the onset of 2022; This is because this company is one of the best agricultural companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia all, as it has developed over time.

In the last year, it achieved high profits, and its share became one of the best offered in the Gulf market and not only the Saudi market.

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With this amount of talk, we have come with you to the conclusion of this article, in which we discussed the best companies that you can invest in and buy shares from in Saudi Arabia, which is a group of the best companies in the entire Arab Gulf region and not only in the KSA.