Download Norton AntiVirus for PC

Download Norton Antivirus, the richest definition and the first antivirus to expel viruses from computers irreversibly, It deletes all files of any kind from your computer (the stubborn and damaged files that cause slow internet or the movement of your device or the inability to run some media files and some applications, programs or games, Norton AntiVirus also seeks Leading to the top and reaching the highest levels of success in terms of the number of downloads and evaluations around the world, and here it is already well-known and has become one of the leading programs in its field in terms of the ability to speed up computer movement and expel viruses without consuming a lot of resources when using from experience. It also provides Our program is constantly updated and constantly renews itself.

About downloading Norton Antivirus

This program is provided to us by Symantec, which is well known, as its name is found on (the program interface) and upon installation, This program appeared for the first time in 1991, but it became popular with the Arabs after 2001 and achieved a lot of sales globally. It is also a non-free program, but it provides a trial version for a temporary period until you know the features of the program, its advantages and the way it works and that it does not consume any resources when using it with confidence and experience. Norton AntiVirus works on Mac, Linux, and Windows devices, and so far it is not available on phones, clearly and explicitly, and if any, this is a tradition not from the main company, and it is a small program compared to many other competing programs in the same field.

Success traits of the program around the world

All known and unknown websites, blogs and YouTube channels spoke clearly and frankly about the success of the program, so it became one of the distinguished programs in terms of form, method of use and quality assurance. It provides you and your computer with spyware penetration and preventing unknown files and extensions from accessing your computer so that you cannot control your device, But this program gives you an indication about this so that you can from the beginning control these files and prevent their access to your computer and be able to delete them. At the same time, you can do a (quick check), which is a scan of no more than ten minutes to 15 minutes to be able to take a look at your computer If it is healthy or has a problem, and there is a full examination to be able to review all the files and folders of the computer, and this will take a time that cannot be determined according to the different sizes of the files of each computer from the other.

General Features Before Downloading Norton Antivirus

  • Consumption: The program does not consume any computer resources at all, unlike many competing programs, as shown in the main image of the article.
  • License: The program is available as a trial for all users for a specified period of approximately 45 days, and you can then purchase the program to get the full copy.
  • the speed: This program changes the axis of the computer 180 degrees, speeds up and improves its performance than it was before from experience and provides all the required needs.
  • Languages: The program is available almost at the present time in all languages of the world, including Arabic and English, of course, to facilitate dealing with it without any problem at all.
  • Protection: It protects the computer from all stubborn files with all known and unknown extensions, which helps in its success as a wonderful program in expelling viruses and protecting the computer as a whole from theft and hacking.

Download Norton Antivirus and its specifications

First version of the software: 1991 and the current downloadable version is: 2019

License: experimental

Full size of the program: 128 MB

Operating systems: Linux – Mac – Windows all versions

To download the program, click here