Download Voicemod, a giant program to change voices on your computer

Download the Voicemod program, or in Arabic, the leading and dominant program in changing voices at the present time. Here we need from time to time a part of the fun and humor in our lives and in the year of the Internet and the computer, so if you yourself want to make a smile, you should download the voice changing program that provides You have more than 30 voices, each voice is different from the other.

There are cartoon sounds and sounds with sound effects to amplify or soften the sound, as well as female voices for men, male voices for women and more voices that will impress each of you after downloading and testing, You should also know right away that it is a (paid) program, but it provides a large package of free sounds in the free version. You can get the program in the free or paid way to be able to enjoy its amazing features.

About VoiceMod

There are many programs similar to this program that work on computers as well and it is considered one of the competing programs, but we always need to renew in order to try more and more sounds and in this category of programs we believe that most programs of this type are not 100% free, but this program provides One is free and the other is paid, and they both work.

You can rely on this program to change the tone of your voice with your friends, make pranks, and record funny videos that include those wonderful sounds that we are talking about. Also, play it on chat programs and chats.

Why is VoiceMod the best?

It is considered the best because it is small in size and the number of sounds is much more besides that it enables you to control the strength of the voice, that is, to control the tone of the voice and make it more clear to match your voice.

You can link this program with chat programs and conversations on your computer, but it cannot be combined with calls on phones or with the phone, because it is a program dedicated to computers and Macs not only as VoiceMod works only in English and is not available in any other language and provides us with a lot of free and other sounds are paid.

It also allowed us, before downloading the VoiceMod program, to get acquainted with the sounds in the program, the price of the program and the method of installing and operating the program from the frequently asked questions already available through the official website.

The nature of changing sounds from Voice Mode

There are without programs on the ground people who are able to change their voices without having to download any program whatsoever, But there is also a large group of researchers who need to download a program like this for the computer, and there are many programs similar to Android or iPhone, and these programs enable you to change the tone of your voice to many voices and be able to record those voices and share them on social networking sites, This program is one of the completely light programs on the computer and one of the simple programs in terms of size. It also enables you to record your voice and control the available sound settings.

You can also listen to the sounds on your voice (as a live experience) to be able to adopt the sound that matches the tone of your voice.

Program Advantages :-

  • A large package of free and paid sounds to be able to change the voice to many other sounds.
  • Multiple, large and more than wonderful sounds and provide all the required tones and sound effects.
  • The ability to connect the program with all other chat programs such as Skype, Paltalk and many more.
  • Completely light and smooth software on computers and accessible to all.

To download the program, click here