Flash Player Silver Lite alternative program from Microsoft for PC

The alternative flash player program to completely obviate the necessary need for users to the Adobe Flash Player program, as we all know that the Flash Player program is an essential program in running some games on browsers such as flash games, the most famous of which is the Saif Al Maarifa game.

At the same time, some electronic radio stations and also some chat sites that depend on this program and finally some video programs, but unfortunately the Adobe company that produces this program announces that it will stop at the end of 2020 and the program will be closed primitively on the Mozilla Firefox browser at the end of this year so In order to ensure the success of the quality of your site so as not to lose your visitors, you must search for a reliable alternative, and this has been available to us for many years through the free and well-known Silverlight program.

About Silverlight

The program, which in Arabic means Silver Light, which was presented to us as a basic player and an alternative to Flash Player on the computer. It works on computers only, whether the version of those computers is modern or old, and most importantly of all this is that this program was introduced by Microsoft in 2007 after Flash Player for many years, but for the sake of knowledge there are many alternative programs for Photoshop in the design and there are many browsing software, Viruses and media players were expelled from the computer, but Flash Player is the only program for which no alternative is available until 2007.

After Silverlight appeared, there was a large audience on its download to rely on instead of Flash Player. It has the ability to control its settings and allow the operation of some sites to be accessed. Blocking or blocking other websites from opening or running.

Flash player alternative program doesn’t repeat twice

In terms of the features and specifications of the program and the size of the program as well, it is not actually repeated twice because it provides all your needs.

For the sake of knowledge, this program is the best at the moment that works on computers and is available with all browsers, whether those browsers are famous and known or not, but the most important of all this is that this program is free and is being developed continuously, and a new update for this program was issued in 2019 and this indicates that the program is actually wonderful, powerful and required, so you need to download it now and enjoy it in order to be able to watch some videos and access sites that require flash player.

Silver Light program is the perfect alternative in the coming years.

Why is the era of Flash Player over?

The well-known Adobe company , which provided us with more successful programs, announced that it had stopped supporting Flash Player at the beginning of 2020 on some browsers, including the well-known Google Chrome browser and Mozilla Firefox browser. She explained to us that Flash Player has become an old tool and may have some loopholes, and some modern tools have appeared, such as HTML5 technology, as well as the development of JavaScript.

Therefore, all the audience and users of Flash Player, such as flash chat providers, flash game sites, etc., must transform the activity or path of the site and use the time correctly or develop the site with the new technologies that have been clarified to you, and the last solution presented to you by Techtrade News is to rely on an alternative program To be able to enter any site or game, but it is difficult to convince all visitors and users of the world to know this program because it takes time.

Download Silver Lite

To download Silver Lite, click here