Download Tango app for PC, Android and iPhone with explanation

download tango app, The Tango or Tango application in English is a messaging and chat application that occupies the competition between users of Internet applications, whether mobile applications or computer applications. It is considered one of the five best applications for chatting specialists in the Internet. You wanted our loved ones to return to it, and today we will get acquainted well with the Tango program and about the link to download Tango for any operating system, whether the operating system of phones or computers, or entering the Tango application from its official website. .

Tango app

The word Tango or Tango is basically a type of classical music that has its origins in the 1890s. It is worth noting that choosing the word Tango to express an application specialized in chatting is an important matter for classic lovers, as it includes millions of users as soon as it appears because it combines development in design and classic in performance and use, It was established in 2009. It was created for third-generation phone holders, and then a version was released compatible with computer operating systems, and this is the most important feature of the Tango application, as it is similar to the WhatsApp application in all its versions, but it has many features that are later mentioned in the Tango program features paragraph.

How to use Tango Program?

You can register in the Tango application by entering any of the links available below the explanation. By downloading and installing the Tango application, you can enter the application and register with it as you would register with any other application, either by typing the email, phone number and password, or registering through Facebook Facebook or Gmail, and then register with the Tango application, And you can register through the phone number, as it is an application that allows calling any phone number in any country without fees, just to be a user of the Tango application.

Tango application and program features

  • Tango is a 100% free application that does not require any cost while downloading it and is available directly through its official website.
  • The application does not require a specific language, as it is multilingual, including Arabic and English.
  • Tango application allows you to send text files, videos and photos through chat with ease and ease.
  • The Tango application allows you to follow international news, and this is a feature available to it that distinguishes it from other conversational applications.
  • Tango program does the automatic update in a smooth and uncomplicated way.
  • The camera inside the Tango application is of high quality so that it allows you to video chat in a comfortable way and does not consume the Internet, whether it is paid Internet or Wi-Fi.
  • The Tango application or program allows you to have voice conversations in all Arab and foreign countries, especially the United States of America, at a lower cost that may be almost non-existent compared to similar applications.
  • Tango allows you to create a personal page similar to Facebook, but it has fewer capabilities, but you can put pictures and comment on it and write cases that express how you feel and share with friends.

Download the Tango app

Tango official website

for android phones

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